Tips-y Tuesdays: Homemade Pasta Tips with Bonus Chinese Egg Noodles Recipe

I am already at 5 different revisions on this post because it has been that many times I have attempted to sit down and start writing. Each time I get a few minutes in, the Fudgelet has woken up. Not sure what is going on with him lately, but it has made it difficult to write a cohesive post. Hopefully it makes sense and is readable, because I am getting tired of reading the same few sentences I started with over and over trying to remember what I wanted to say next! 🙂


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Learning to Cook for Three Part 4: Singapore Noodles

K sent me this recipe and asked if we could make it sometime. I said we could make it the next day, thinking we had all of the ingredients. Apparently I thought we still had some green onions. Oops. Well, the pictures don’t include them, but we added them to the leftovers and it was so much better. So definitely don’t leave them out. Most nights, K has been taking care of dinner. I try to make it easy and either make most of the food ahead, prep ingredients, etc. Meanwhile, I am upstairs with the Fudgelet trying to convince him it’s bedtime and not playtime. Anyway, this was a recipe that was still in K’s comfort zone, but stepped up a notch. It meant that he could try something new but not feel frazzled. I was impressed because there are many steps to follow, and it turned out delicious!


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Learning to Cook for Three: Part 3, Honey-Glazed Chicken Thighs

You are looking at a post with minimal pictures today. But, it also comes with minimal work, sooooo hopefully that’s ok? I asked for a prep-ahead book last year for my birthday, and made a few recipes at the time to prep for the Fudgelet. I have now returned to it since dinner has been mostly cooked by K. Sometimes he makes one of his recipes, but often I have been trying to make food during the day to have at night in various forms. My slow cooker has been getting a lot more use, as has been the freezer and repurposing meals. This is a chance to add to the LtCf3 series, even though some of the learning is me and not K. Of course, he gets to learn, too. In fact, I have some recipes he has made that I need to share eventually. Time has been hard lately!


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Tips-y Tuesdays: A New Kind of Coating for Oven-Fried

Sometimes I come across recipes I follow almost verbatim, and want to share my experiences with them. Sometimes I play around with them, and decide that playing around is not great. That’s what happened with this recipe for oven-fried zucchini. We happened to have some egg whites I wanted to use up, as well as some zucchini. Unfortunately, I was in a bit of a rush making it, because I was also trying to keep the Fudgelet entertained. Unfortunately, the days of wearing him in my baby carrier for cooking don’t always work. He wants to be on the move and looking at everything, so I either have to cook while he’s napping, or find him a good spot to play.


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Make-Ahead Cheesesteak Subs

Bonus post this week! You have all been so patient with my two-posting ways. This week you get a third post, and I think it’s pretty awesome. I asked for this cookbook for my birthday, and this is the first recipe I’ve finished from it. I have two others prepared, so stay tuned. I actually made this ahead, then made it ahead again. Some people dropped by with food the day I made this, so I saved it. During the middle of the night, after a feeding when the Fudgelet would not go back to sleep, I put him in the Ergo and shredded the meat. The next day, I heated up the meat in the broth over the stove. It was easy, and still really tasty!


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Tips-y Tuesdays: Re-purposing Meals

It’s been a while since I last shared a Tips-y Tuesday post. Today is partially inspired by my attempts to get ready for Little FudgingAhead. This is not food intended for him, but us parents have to be well-fed, too. I decided to take my short rib recipe and double it to save some for leftovers. I didn’t want to make it as I first did, though, because that meal involved a bit more work than I might want down the road. So, I decided to make it a bit more classic. So classic, that K wants us to have it with noodles next time like a beef soup. So, we made a note on the bag that it should be heated in that way. And I’m also proud of us for using a freezer bag! We’re really trying to get into this whole hoarding food thing, and knowing the best ways to label and store food for later.


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Learning to Cook for Three: Part 2

Continuing the series for K learning to cook more dishes, he decided to attack the honey sesame chicken recipe I have made a few times. The fun part is that he got it into his head that the recipe was for orange chicken.



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