Friday Favorites 16

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared some favorites. I thought I had done one recently, but it’s been two months! What with the holidays and trying to get certain recipes to post in a timely fashion (which doesn’t always happen…I’m looking at you, rugelach!), here we are with a delayed one.

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Mixed Bag (Part 3): Popcorn, Potatoes, and Pstuffing

Yeah, not really Pstuffing, but when you have popcorn and potatoes already in the title, it seems better that way. These dishes were all….okay. I liked them, but not sure if I loved them. Let’s start with the Pstuffing…okay, stuffing.


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Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 18 Months Old!

This officially marks the Fudgelet being closer to two years old than one year. He is over a year and a half now. Wow. Last month I started telling strangers he was “about one and a half” just to keep things easy. Sometimes you feel silly saying “17 months” even though I am technically okay with the whole months thing until they turn 2. Then I think it should just be 2, 2.5, 3, etc. As of this point, he has been on 6 plane rides, slept through the night exactly zero times, been called cute an uncountable number of times, speaks a few words in two different languages (Cantonese and English), and has had a vast array of different foods (although all on the softer side since he still is missing most of his chompers).



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Tips-y Tuesdays: Grocery Organization

Buying groceries is a necessary chore whether you have a food blog or not. I actually enjoy grocery shopping most of the time, even with a baby. Toddler shopping has been even more fun because he loves to interact with everything and everyone around us. Besides, when I used to shop on my own, I would talk things out in my head. Now? I get to talk things out…out loud. People don’t think I’m crazy, just a cute mom who loves talking to her kid. 😉 It’s more fun to comment on how sweet the pineapples smell when you have an audience, than if you’re just thinking about it.


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Slow-Cooker Chinese Beef and Vegetables

The recipe I am pulling this from said it was a barbecue beef, but I can’t say it really tasted that way to me. It definitely has some Chinese flavor, but not barbecue. Speaking of the flavor in it…we had a slight hitch. I had picked out this meal before I went grocery shopping, so I had on my list everything I needed…which was just the vegetables and beef. Well, it turns out we were missing another key ingredient: hoisin sauce! We normally have it on hand, so we aren’t sure what happened. There are two options: one is that we used it up previously and forgot to replace it (but that seems unlikely since we usually put things on our grocery list immediately, and I know it’s been awhile since we’ve used the sauce), or two, a recent visitor threw it out when she visited. This visitor tossed our soy sauce because she said it had gone bad (cue debate of soy sauce expiration here), so it is possible she felt the same way about our hoisin sauce. Either way, we had no idea where it was and I needed to start the recipe in the morning for it to have time to cook during the day. Obviously you can run to the grocery store, but since I had just gone the day before, and it was only for one ingredient…and the one ingredient I wouldn’t normally buy at a non-Asian grocery store (cheaper at the Asian stores, usually).



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Chocolate-filled Rugelach

Ok, ok, I am a month late with this. This is a dessert meant for the holiday season, particularly Hanukah. Buuuut, I made them last minute and didn’t have time to get this up promptly during Hanukah, so instead I am sharing this now. It’s not like you can’t enjoy this easy dessert at other times during the year. I really liked that I only needed the mixer briefly at the beginning (perfect for during breakfast with the Fudgelet) and then the dough could chill during playtime. Then, during his nap, I was able to roll them out and bake them without him getting woken up. Only three ingredients for the dough and two for the filling. Easy peasy.


You have no reason for not making these. Even if you don’t like chocolate, you can substitute something else…cinnamon sugar, fruit, nuts…get creative. And for the shaved chocolate? Just use a bar of chocolate with a vegetable peeler and it takes a few minutes, but it is easy and makes a nice smooth filling.



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Double Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cookies (Levain Bakery Style)

When I first saw these cookies, I was very excited to try them. I was intrigued by the idea of using cold butter, by how big they were, and of course…the combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Just like in the original post, mine also turned out large and tall, which is great. It seemed like a lot of butter, but there is a lot of flour and cocoa powder to even it out, and I think that helps keep the cookies from spreading. Mine barely lost their ball shape, but that’s fine by me. They were still delicious and just looked even bigger than I expected.


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