Friday Favorites 7

Here is another Friday Favorites installment! It has been awhile since the last one. I hope you still enjoy seeing these. Let me know if you would like other “favorites” added. Maybe I can start adding favorite foods I am eating, like these ice cream sandwiches K and I found at Trader Joe’s. Soooo yummy. But, back to the normal favorites…

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Tips-y Tuesdays: Slow Cooker Chili

Today I am sharing something I made that turned out mostly well. Next time, I would use less liquid, and scale back the recipe a bit since I think I needed a 6 quart crockpot for the amounts given. But, it was still tasty, so I am sharing the main tips from it today…


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Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 10 Months Old!

What another month it has been! The Fudgelet crawled through this past month at a very fast speed. Two digits? Two months until his first birthday? Two months to plan a party for him? Oops! Actually, no, I have thrown around some ideas, and even starting pinning some on Pinterest. My main focus has still been sleep. Always sleep with this one. Speaking of, I am probably due to have another letter to him about this. Just in case he needs a reminder later of why I am crazy…lack of sleep will do that.



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Tips-y Tuesdays: Double Pie Crust Pot Pie

Recently I made a quiche with a new pie crust recipe I was trying out. There was some extra dough, so I decorated the edges a bit…


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Chicken Salad with Dried Cranberries and Walnuts

I am so proud of my husband K. Or maybe proud of myself. When we were first together, there were lots of things K and I did differently. Some is culture, some is personality, and some is just having different families. It has been fun blending our ideas, even when we disagree at times. I have talked before about how he wasn’t a big fan of leftovers as a dinner. Well, post baby, that has certainly changed. Leftovers are welcome almost any day (although we get tired of them, too, and definitely throw in new meals). Another dinner idea we disagreed on was a cold meal. It turns out, he either just needed some time to consider it more, or maybe it wasn’t a big deal in the first place? I proposed an idea for our leftover chicken meat: chicken salad sandwiches. I said it was okay if he wasn’t interested. Recently, at a friend’s party, we had chicken salad sandwiches with fruit and nuts in them. He hadn’t tried it that way before, and loved them. So, I was given the go-ahead…the only stipulation was that we serve it on toasted rolls (no complaints here).


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Chicken a la King

As promised on Monday, here is a recipe where you can use some of the chicken meat from the slow cooker. This is an easy recipe that can be made ahead (I tell you how in the directions) or made fresh. Either way it is delicious! K loved it because he loves food that makes him think of cream of mushroom soup. You can add a green pepper to this. In fact, I meant to. Purchased it and all…but forgot! Oh well. It was not necessary, so I did not include it in the ingredients.



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Slow Cooker Roasted Chicken

Since I am all about recipes that can be used in various ways, provide leftovers, and can be made ahead…today’s recipe follows just that. You can make this chicken and eat it as is. Or, you can take the meat and use it in other recipes. Later this week I will provide two more recipes for using the meat. In the meantime, here is an easy way to get the flavor of an oven roaster, without having to use your oven, and you can even leave home! It takes 5 minutes to prep and is one of the easiest dishes I have ever made.


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