Topic-Changing Thursdays: Happy Holidays 2021!

Dear readers,

I just wanted to check in and wish everyone a happy end of 2021, along with a Merry Christmas, Happy Belated Chanukah, Happy Diwali, and all of the other end of the year holidays I am forgetting. If I get inspired I might add another post this year, but most likely will be taking the time to rest and chill out. It has been quite a year, not the least with ending this year getting a new oven (hopefully: it has arrived but still needs to get installed next week, so maybe I can share some pretty pictures while it is still clean). I also hope to share some pictures of whatever we end of doing for our holidays.

It will just be the four of us celebrating at home. No travel plans since the youngest is too young to get vaccinated and we are also having some worries with the cases all going up again. I have already meal planned for the rest of the year, so I have some things planned that I might share on here soon.

Thank you for choosing to spend some of your time reading what I have to say, and I hope you have peace, happiness, and lots of love wherever you are.

-Aly of Fudging Ahead


Cinnamon Scones

I have made cinnamon scones for years now, but I definitely really liked this batch. I think I go through phases with my scones, and right now I am in a good at making them phase. This time, I made sure to mix the dough as little as possible, and I kept the butter as bigger chunks. As a result, the scones were flakier but still tender and soft.

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Wayback Wednesdays: Cinnamon Chips

I decided to revisit my cinnamon chip recipe since 1) my store is still not carrying the chips even in winter, and 2) they taste better than the store ones anyway. Technically, there is a third reason that I hadn’t made them for awhile and I wanted to try them again.

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Nadiya’s Irish Soda Bread

I have been making this Irish soda bread for years now, and I decided to try a new one. I was intrigued about it including shortening instead of butter. You can definitely taste a difference; I think next time I might try half butter and half shortening to give the buttery flavor I like, but keep some of the texture from the shortening.

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Ham and Cheese Crown Bread

Here is an easy meal that is like the pinwheels I have made before, but a bit fancier with puff pastry dough.

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My best milk bread yet!

I waited awhile for this cookbook to be available at my library, and now I see I can’t even buy it since it is on backorder everywhere! Good for the author! So far I have only made the milk bread, but it is so good, and I want to try more things.

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Wayback Wednesdays: Pasta with Sausage and Walnut Gremolata

I decided to try making this recipe from awhile ago for a few reasons. One, the Chiplet can do dairy and nuts now, so it would make it easier to make. Two, everyone liked it last time, so why not have it again? Three, I wanted to make a couple changes.

Well, it turns out that

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