S’Mores Brownies

Today is partially a recipe and partially a technique.

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Mixed-Bag Mondays: I’m not sure how to feel

The title says it all. I am not sure how to feel about these two foods today. One was something that I thought “oh I might make this again!” and then later wasn’t as much a fan. The other I thought “oh, this is kind of bleh” but then it improved over time.

Let’s start with the initial success and follow-up failure:

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Wayback Wednesdays: Sesame Chicken

Sometimes I remake older recipes and don’t enjoy it as much. Sometimes I make too many changes, maybe tastes have changed, maybe I just have an off day for cooking? But this was one of the times when I think I made it better, even or especially with the changes I made.

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Tips-y Tuesdays: Frozen Frosting

So occasionally I mention that I pull out some frosting from my freezer to use, and I realized that some people might not know what to do when you pull it out because you can’t use it as-is. Or, well, you can, but it won’t be as good as it was. So, what can you do? Keep reading!

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One Pot Orzo, Tomato Sauce, and Sausage

I got so nervous making this because I thought it was an easy dish and then realized it was essentially a pasta with tomato sauce recipe. I thought it was lighter on the tomato than it actually was, and then I also realized too late that I didn’t have enough orzo, but somehow, after it was done cooking, it worked.

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10 years?!?!

Hello hello! Last month I realized that I was coming up on my blogiversary, and decided to wait to write the post. Well, we should know that with everything going on, I once again neglected to write something for the actual day. I also haven’t made any new pie recipes recently for today’s special Pi Day holiday. So, instead I just wanted to post a celebratory post about having 10 years on here.

Oh, and if you really need some pi day recipes… I have you covered.

What has changed since the start?

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Pizza Bread

I was flipping through my Mooncakes and Milkbread cookbook looking for the char siu bao recipe and I happened to see this recipe. I had to make it right away. We have been enjoying it for breakfast, because why not find a socially acceptable way to eat pizza at breakfast? I mean, I used to eat leftover slices of pizza cold for breakfast, but my husband K gives me looks about it, haha.

I know it browned a bit too much, which is why I put in to check it sooner in the recipe below…it still tasted good, though.

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