Green Parsley Sauce for Salmon

I’m not normally the come up with recipes completely out of thin air type. I don’t know if that will ever be me. But, I do sometimes make my own thing after being inspired by other recipes. I wanted to do something special for some salmon we had. In a cookbook I found a recipe that used mint (not our favorite ingredient), parsley, and lemon along with a few other ingredients. I decided to take from that and come up with something using what I had on hand. It ended up delicious and something I will make (or riff on) again.

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Za’atar and Honey Butter Rockfish

Today we are keeping things simple. A little bit of this and a little bit of that make for an interesting fish flavoring. I had extra honey butter from a pastry recipe linked below, and then decided to use it on fish. Add a little savory seasoning and it worked really well. I’ve also used a similar seasoning on salmon with good results. If you don’t have za’atar seasoning, you can certainly use a different spice mix. It’s just one of my favorites lately for fish.

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King Arthur Flour’s Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

In the pursuit of making the most chocolate chip cookies ever…here is another one. Haha! I thought this recipe sounded super weird. Whole wheat flour, cider vinegar, honey….people had to comment on this, for sure. So, I went onto King Arthur Flour’s website and checked out the comments section of the recipe. Hard to believe, but people really liked them! I liked that they were fairly straightforward, and I wanted to make something for a friend’s birthday. Part of her list of ideas included “chocolate chip cookies” (check), “something you’ve been wanting to try” (check), and “chocolate with peanut butter” (not part of the original recipe, but something I could do, so check!).


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Learning to Cook for Three: Part 3, Honey-Glazed Chicken Thighs

You are looking at a post with minimal pictures today. But, it also comes with minimal work, sooooo hopefully that’s ok? I asked for a prep-ahead book last year for my birthday, and made a few recipes at the time to prep for the Fudgelet. I have now returned to it since dinner has been mostly cooked by K. Sometimes he makes one of his recipes, but often I have been trying to make food during the day to have at night in various forms. My slow cooker has been getting a lot more use, as has been the freezer and repurposing meals. This is a chance to add to the LtCf3 series, even though some of the learning is me and not K. Of course, he gets to learn, too. In fact, I have some recipes he has made that I need to share eventually. Time has been hard lately!


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Topic-Changing Thursdays: Making Food You Can Buy

Starting back at the last school where I taught, I was teased for making food you can easily buy at the store. Obviously you can buy cupcakes, brownies, etc., but those make sense for people to make. People see those treats as easy and homey. Besides, maybe you want a variety of cupcake you can’t find at the store. Maybe you like to add fillings to your cupcakes, or something. Anyway, there are definitely two groups: foods that people see as the type you might make at home and foods you buy. What do you include in the latter category? 


I made two things in the above picture. One I’ve mentioned on here before, and one I haven’t. Well, until now.

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Asian Honey Sesame Chicken

Yay for adding another weeknight meal to the list! After seeing Jaclyn’s recipe at Cooking Classy, I had to try my own version. Who doesn’t love pairing chicken with a sticky sweet sauce? When I made it, there was less sauce then there was sticky chicken, but that was partly because I was waiting for the rice to finish cooking. If you time everything right (or just add more liquid), you could easily have a slightly saucier version. This pairs well with rice, but you could also have it with rolls or a different grain. I tried to make it a bit healthier by not deep frying the chicken..and I also hate deep frying, so there’s that! Hehe.


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Barbecue Chicken with Rolls

Comfort food feels appropriate right now. Not the best week with news, some icky weather here, and some holiday stress. This is a cozy meal I hope you will like. Have you ever made barbecue chicken, but without a grill? It was an interesting concept for me and I took a sauce from an old Better Homes and Gardens magazine (October 2009), and mixed up the baking a bit. It was a pretty simple dish. I think next time I would reduce the sauce further (I have already cut it in half for you) and maybe use chicken thighs instead of breasts. I chose to not broil the meat at all, but you could if you wanted more of a grilled flavor. The sauce is really where this recipe succeeds for me. It is not hard to make, but had a great flavor.

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