Learning to Cook for Three: Part 3, Honey-Glazed Chicken Thighs

You are looking at a post with minimal pictures today. But, it also comes with minimal work, sooooo hopefully that’s ok? I asked for a prep-ahead book last year for my birthday, and made a few recipes at the time to prep for the Fudgelet. I have now returned to it since dinner has been mostly cooked by K. Sometimes he makes one of his recipes, but often I have been trying to make food during the day to have at night in various forms. My slow cooker has been getting a lot more use, as has been the freezer and repurposing meals. This is a chance to add to the LtCf3 series, even though some of the learning is me and not K. Of course, he gets to learn, too. In fact, I have some recipes he has made that I need to share eventually. Time has been hard lately!


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Topic-Changing Thursdays: Happy 3 Years!

No no, the Fudgelet did not spontaneously time travel and get much older. I’m talking about this blog! Apparently I missed my 3 year anniversary and didn’t realize it until two days later. This is what happens when you try to blog ahead, miss a week of working on the blog, and then check in to do some more posts. Sigh. Well…I must admit I forget the date each year and always have to look it up. For some reason, I keep thinking that my pie posts were at the start, and I knew I did them around Pi Day. Apparently I started a week early.

Not Anniversary Related, but this is a picture from the day :)

Not Anniversary Related, but this is a picture from the day 🙂

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Tips-y Tuesdays: Leftovers Led to Mediterranean Chicken

I’ve talked about a certain Mediterranean restaurant on here before. It is a favorite of mine and K’s. This time, we had leftovers from it when we had some friends over. Unfortunately, the leftovers did not include protein…just the rice mixed with some vegetables. So, I decided to make a chicken recipe to go with it. I’m all about repurposing leftovers here, so this is another way you can do it.


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Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 8 Months Old!

Tomorrow is the Fudgelet’s big 8 Month mark. This means we have made it 2/3 of the way to toddlerhood. That. Is. Crazy. I guess I feel a bit wiser about some things. But at the same time, I can’t say I will remember all of this wisdom even a year from now. Some parts are so natural right now, but who knows how it would feel with a different baby. I don’t know if I would ever feel comfortable watching someone else’s baby. I know so much about mine, but that’s it. How are other babies when they are hungry, tired, or need a hug? I have no idea. Did you know I never changed a diaper before the Fudgelet’s? Yeah, no baby experience here, other than holding my nephew and having him pee on me once. Haha! (I might remind you of that when you are older, nephew, or I might not since you are super sweet and I wouldn’t want to make you upset.)


So, what’s new this month, you ask?

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Tips-y Tuesdays: Easy French Toast

Recently, I haven’t had much of a chance to make breakfast for K, and I miss this. It was fun to do on the mornings when he had a little extra time. While he showered, I would make something as a surprise. Then, we could eat together before he had to race off for his work day. On weekends, I didn’t really have to rush at all, so those were even easier. Now, there are no “sleeping in” days, and no mornings where we aren’t both rushing around. If K has extra time, he is going to use it playing with the Fudgelet since he doesn’t get to see him the rest of the day (except for a diaper change at night, woooo fun times–haha).



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Friday Favorites 4

I couldn’t leave you hanging without posting something about Pi Day. Even if Pi Day is tomorrow. Even if I haven’t made any pies for awhile…today’s favorite links are all round, in honor of the humble circle. As the Fudgelet’s toy remote says…”Today’s shape is…circle!”

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Chocolate Financiers

These are very light and fluffy mini chocolate cakes with a mild nut flavor in the background. I had never had one before, but I liked it! The recipe was fairly straightforward, and I liked that I didn’t have to make it with a mixer since it can wake the Fudgelet up from a nap. It also doesn’t take very long to make, so you could make these last-minute. It says to eat them cooled completely, but I actually liked them a bit warm. It is probably personal preference, so try a bite cooled, and you can always warm it up in the microwave for a bit.


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