Vanilla Ice Cream with Cookie Butter Swirls

As promised in the last post, here is another cookie butter recipe. This time, in ice cream! Yeah yeah, it’s the end of November and you might think I’m silly for making ice cream. But, as I keep trying to explain to people, ice cream is a year-round dessert to my husband. I debated if I wanted to make an ice cream flavored with the cookie butter, or swirl it in. As you can tell from the title, I went for the add-in option. Next time I might try to make its own flavor, too.

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Cookie Butter Rice Krispie Treats

To end the month of November, I am giving you two easy ways of making desserts with Biscoff (aka cookie butter aka Speculoos). The first is taking a staple for many homes: rice krispie treats, and adding a nice creamy swirl. I have only ever made rice krispie treats twice before. My mom never really made them for us because she was so well-known for her chocolate chip cookies. One of her friends would make them and I used to think that they must be really hard to make if my mom didn’t make them. Ah well. Love you, Mom! No hard feelings? Besides, I know plenty of kids were jealous of my mom’s cooking.

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Diversified Thanksgiving

Originally today was going to be another recipe that was completely unrelated to the events of this past week, but when Joanna of Midwestern Bite sent me a message asking about my Thanksgiving and how it works with the combined cultures….well, I decided I could post about it and our combined cultural experiences.

If you continue past the break, you will find the recipe for a boozy cranberry sauce.

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Sage and Sausage Stuffing

So originally I wasn’t going to post anything today. I was going to just recover from the crazy feasting and pick up on Monday, but since I made a couple new dishes, I decided to post the most Thanksgiving-est one today. Who knows, maybe you have extra turkey but not enough sides and you want to whip something up. That was a big issue growing up. We would often have loads of turkey but not enough stuffing (my favorite side) to go around.

If you follow me on Facebook, you would have seen that I’ve never made stuffing from scratch before. I was a Stove Top queen, but decided it was time to branch out. I was excited that we were having Thanksgiving at my in-laws’, because it meant that I could be a bit more involved (my family takes over with at least 3 entrees and a gazillion sides, appetizers, desserts, etc.). This recipe could be made without the sausage, but you might find that you need a bit more sage or other seasoning to make up for the missing salt. You might also need a bit more butter.

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Tandy Cakes aka Tasty Kakes or Kandy Kakes

I’ve talked before about how my mom used to make birthday treats for my family depending on what we liked. She started getting fancy and one year made me two desserts! Some cheesecake/black bottom dessert along with the dessert that I am sharing with you today. The recipe comes from some old school fundraiser cookbook (people submit recipes and the proceeds are for the school). I have changed it up very slightly, but it still is basically the same dessert. This is perfect for sharing with you right before Thanksgiving, just in case you are looking for an easy recipe with simple ingredients that can feed a crowd. (Or not–we would freeze about half and would eat them later, only slightly worse for wear).

My mom tried to help me make it one time and I did a horrible job! You make the cake, and then spread peanut butter across the top. Well, it did not work so well for me and I ended up ripping off parts of the cake as I spread. So, my mom had to take over for that part. It has been many years later, and I am more experienced, but I did not want to make the same mistakes, so I decided to throw in some safety precautions: namely, melting the peanut butter. You can choose to do it or not. It is possible to do it without, but I was not going to take any chances. Also, you can use some cookie butter either for half of the peanut butter, or to replace it entirely if that is your speed. This dessert is designed to taste like KandyKakes which, if you’ve never had, are mini sponge cakes with a layer of peanut butter covered in chocolate. Because we are making these in a pan, they won’t be covered in chocolate, but it’s still fine and I like that you can enjoy the cake part more this way.

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Jambalaya with a side of Cumin Carrots

It is always fun to take recipes that you have heard of, and that look a bit complicated, and find out that they are pretty simple. Thanks to Jonathan at Candid Appetite I have discovered Jambalaya is one of those dishes. I made a few changes, so I am putting it here for my own memory, but also for people to see a slight variation of such an awesome recipe. You can find his Jambalaya recipe here. Be warned, though…this dish makes mad leftovers. We had well-sized portions, but there were still at least 8 more servings left! If you prefer a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner, this might be perfectly sized for your family. You can turn up or down the heat, and you can also play with the protein. Jonathan called for chicken, andouille sausage, and shrimp. Since we are not fans of that kind of sausage, I used other sausage (leftover from what I bought for this sausage recipe) and just shrimp. The chicken would have been too much for us to appreciate. I also decided to have some fun with carrots, so there is a bonus recipe in this, too!

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Mocha Cupcakes

I am still trying to decide if these were a success or not. When I took them to work, 4 out of 5 people loved them, the fifth person being a student. So, it is possible that these are “grown-up” cupcakes with their strong coffee flavor. In fact, her least favorite part was the frosting which my husband thought was the best part, so maybe it’s a tastebud thing? I only had one whole cupcake and I think it is a decent chocolate cupcake. Maybe not my absolute favorite one ever, but I think my feelings were affected by the one bad review. The frosting is definitely awesome, which is why I decided to go ahead and share this anyway. If you like a cake-y cupcake, I think you will like the cupcake part. They are not as sweet or fluffy as some store ones, which might also have been why they are not as kid-friendly. I made these for National Chocolate Cupcake day which was a little bit ago (posts are back-logged here). Save this for next year, or make them if you are having a chocolate/coffee craving.

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