Wayback Wednesdays: Milk Bar Brownie Pie

After making the liquid cheesecake again, I finally used the remnants of it to make this pie. And once again, this was me remaking a recipe from years ago.

It’s fairly easy compared to most of the Milk Bar recipes, but my brain was being a bit slow, so I got confused. I barely had enough graham cracker crumbs to make the crust, mostly because I didn’t realize I needed some for the rest of the pie. But, it turned out fine, anyway.

There was one big difference I noticed…

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McDonald’s Strawberry Hand Pies

Now, I can’t say I’ve ever had the real McDonald’s pies. I think I might have tried the apple one before, but I definitely never tried the strawberry one. Anyway, when I asked K what he wanted for his birthday treat this year, he said…”something with puff pastry, strawberry pie? hmm maybe cheesecake or cream cheese, maybe the McDonald’s pies?” and I was reminded that I had seen a recipe for a copycat of the McDonald’s pies. It turned out that the recipe was for the apple turnovers, so I took inspiration from Bravetart to do my version.

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Flour Bakery’s Chocolate Pie

We are taking it back to Pi Day. Here is the pie I ended up making this year for it.

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Potato, Sausage, and Rosemary Mini Galettes

Here we have a recipe that is easy to customize for your audience. With one person who couldn’t do dairy, and one who was arriving home for dinner much later, I was able to bake them in batches, and also adjust the ingredients in the filling to help. If you have picky family members, you can change things for them.

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Bravetart’s Apple Pie

Here is an apple pie that is pretty easy to make, although I had a couple problems that were probably user error.

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Almond Butter Pretzel Pie

I know it isn’t Pi Day yet, but consider this your Pi Day post since it is on a weekend this year.

I was excited to find a non-baked pie recipe I could make that is creamy but vegan. The original recipe called for peanut butter, but natural peanut butter, so it was easy to swap with almond butter.

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Chinese Egg Tarts

This isn’t my first time making this kind of recipe, but I had my best luck with this recipe and am happy to keep making them since all of us were fans. This is one of K’s favorite dim sum treats, and I am excited to make them at home.

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