Tips-y Tuesdays: Homemade Pasta Tips with Bonus Chinese Egg Noodles Recipe

I am already at 5 different revisions on this post because it has been that many times I have attempted to sit down and start writing. Each time I get a few minutes in, the Fudgelet has woken up. Not sure what is going on with him lately, but it has made it difficult to write a cohesive post. Hopefully it makes sense and is readable, because I am getting tired of reading the same few sentences I started with over and over trying to remember what I wanted to say next! 🙂


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Learning to Cook for Three Part 4: Singapore Noodles

K sent me this recipe and asked if we could make it sometime. I said we could make it the next day, thinking we had all of the ingredients. Apparently I thought we still had some green onions. Oops. Well, the pictures don’t include them, but we added them to the leftovers and it was so much better. So definitely don’t leave them out. Most nights, K has been taking care of dinner. I try to make it easy and either make most of the food ahead, prep ingredients, etc. Meanwhile, I am upstairs with the Fudgelet trying to convince him it’s bedtime and not playtime. Anyway, this was a recipe that was still in K’s comfort zone, but stepped up a notch. It meant that he could try something new but not feel frazzled. I was impressed because there are many steps to follow, and it turned out delicious!


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Learning to Cook for Three: Part 2

Continuing the series for K learning to cook more dishes, he decided to attack the honey sesame chicken recipe I have made a few times. The fun part is that he got it into his head that the recipe was for orange chicken.



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Learning to Cook for Three: Part 1

I don’t know how many installments this will have, but here is the first one! I am hoping it will have a bunch since this will be sort of an ongoing adventure for our family. My husband K had the realization recently that he knows how to cook certain dishes really well, but hasn’t had to do as much cooking since we’ve been married. As a result, his cooking progress had hit a plateau. He wanted to get back in the kitchen and learn to make some dishes we have had in the past and enjoyed. This sounded like a good idea, and one we should start immediately so that we could make him feel better for the future and give us another couple-y activity to do.


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