Beef Curry with Peas

Today’s meal was actually supposed to use lamb, but that is not my favorite meat by any means. Occasionally I enjoy it, and other times its flavor is too strong for me. It’s how I am with pork, too. Anyway, I figured I could refashion the recipe into using beef, and it worked well.

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Topic-Changing Thursdays: Life Update Spring 2021

Hello! I realized I hadn’t hopped on here to share much news lately. Of course, there isn’t much going on lately, anyway. The days are pretty similar with everyone being home.

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Mixed-Bag Mondays: Mild Misses in one Meal

Going for all of the Ms in the title today. Now, the kids loved the meal, and I thought it was decent, but K was not a fan. This doesn’t mean it was a complete fail, and I think I could at least fix the main part of the meal: the kofta.

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Dairy-Free Lemon Poppyseed Muffins

I played with this recipe to make it both dairy-free and a half batch. I wasn’t positive how it would turn out, so I just did what I thought would make 6 muffins. It ended up making 8. You can double the recipe and make more if you want.

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Tips-y Tuesdays: Chopping Chocolate

I wanted to come share a few tips for chopping chocolate that I use to make my life easier.

The first tip, if you didn’t already know, is to use a serrated knife, especially a bread knife. It is a great size for a bar of chocolate. Plus, it does the best job of cutting it into the pieces you want.

The second tip is to use the chocolate wrappers to help you. I use the wrappers opened under the bars with my wooden cutting board underneath. This means that most of the chocolate stays on the paper and is easier to get it all into whatever bowl you need.

Finally, I chop the chocolate on diagonals. Then, when I need them to be smaller, I spin the wrappers and cut on the opposite diagonal.

Cocoa Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

It is very hard to search for recipes that use cocoa butter. All it does is pull up recipes that use cocoa powder or butter which is many recipes…and not what I asked for. But here we go. An easy recipe that makes cookies quickly!

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Skillet Chicken with Brussel Sprouts

We still keep making the skillet chicken regularly. I’ve tried it with different vegetables or by itself. Brussel sprouts are a favorite because they taste really well with the chicken fat and don’t overcook easily.

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