Neopolitan (Or Chocolate and Strawberry) Cookies

For today’s cookies, you can make them as I did originally, which is making them as 3 flavors: chocolate/vanilla/strawberry, aka Neopolitan. But, for the future, I will just make it as 2 flavors because the effort of dividing the dough into thirds was not worth the end result. We couldn’t really taste the vanilla cookie part because the other flavors dominated.

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Flour Bakery’s Challah Bread

This is one of our favorite breads I have been making a bunch. It uses no dairy or fancy techniques and yet is still a bit fluffy and chewy. I like that it works well for a French toast recipe, but also is good for making a sandwich or eating with a (nut) butter on top.

As for the braiding, you can do any braids you like, but the 6-style is impressive looking, but surprisingly easy. Even if it looks weird before you bake it, it turns out neat looking.

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Kadhai Murghi

If you are interested in something as easy as a stir fry (maybe easier, actually) but with some different flavors.

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Dairy-Free Parker House Rolls

If you want dairy in your rolls, you can certainly keep it, but I am here to let you know that these turned out well with no dairy…and no weird ingredients. I liked how fluffy they turned out, even days later. The kids enjoyed the leftovers for breakfast. I also froze some of them and they kept well for that, too.

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Easy Chicken and Bell Pepper Stir Fry

Today I am not sharing a fully detailed recipe but an idea to make that is easy. If you need recipes, I will give you some links to previous posts on here.

Stir fries are an easy meal that is mostly prepped ahead of time. The night before you want to make it, cut the chicken and marinate it. Then, when it is time to make the stir fry, you can prepare your vegetable of choice, as well as your rice or noodles. Normally we eat stir fries with rice, but this time I made some fried noodles to go with it. Because we were eating noodles, I made the stir fry less saucy. If you make it with rice, I would recommend adding a bit more water at that step.

So, what to do? Marinate the chicken following this method I shared before. When it is time to cook, dice some bell pepper (I used red but you can use any color). You have two options. You can either brown the chicken and cook it first, then remove it before cooking the bell pepper. Or, you can cook the bell pepper, set it aside, and then cook the chicken. Either way, once both are cooked, you will stir fry them together to combine their flavors. At this point, add a bit of cornstarch dissolved in water. If you want it more saucy, add more water. If you want a drier stir fry, then just add a few tablespoons of water.

When you cook the bell pepper, use a bit of oil, and add some seasoning. I usually add pepper, salt, garlic powder, and onion powder.

For making the noodles, you can use this recipe, but just make the noodle part and skip the meatball part.

In case you’re wondering, yes, sometimes I am getting recipe fatigue and want something really easy. Sometimes I want to be fancier and try new things. It all depends on my mood. So, if you have been having some cooking fatigue as well, I hope these easy recipe ideas recently have been helpful!

Mixed-Bag Mondays: On the Good Side

This week I am starting off with recipes I liked in general but am not likely to repeat…and with reasons why.

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Dairy-free Pancake Mix

We have still been using some dairy-free recipes. This recipe started as a regular pancake mix recipe, but it is easily adapted to become dairy-free. One point I will make, is that these pancakes are a bit on the dense side, but they are soft and have a buttery taste.

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