Deviled Scrambled Eggs

Okay okay, I don’t have the most Halloween-ish post to offer you, even with it being in a few days. I promise to have pictures/stories of the Fudgelet’s second Halloween sometime soon, but that will be after the holiday, obviously. In the meantime, I did offer a craft for this time of year, and this is my attempt to make this recipe appropriate for Halloween, too. You could totally run with it and decorate the plate or something…I leave that to you Master Holiday Visionaries. The best I have is Devil-ed Eggs…because, you know, a devil is scary?? Or you know, I might have just made this because the Fudgelet loved the deviled eggs at his party, and I decided to take that same idea. (cough cough)


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Fudgelet Food, Part 4: Smoothies and More

The Fudgelet has finally been getting better about eating more foods we eat. It’s still tricky since he only has the 4 front teeth, but I have been making dishes to provide him with new options each week. This installment of Fudgelet Food will let you know about our biggest success…


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Friday Favorites 14

Currently, I am working on a craft that I hope to have finished and written about before this post goes live. We shall see! I guess I could be working on it now, but my eyes are a bit too tired for using scissors. Summer left, and I’m still in shock that September has also flown by, and here we are mostly through October. Yeesh. Is this what getting old feels like? Everything is fast? I do find myself trying to appreciate holidays, seasons, and sunny days more with the Fudgelet. I want to make sure that he enjoys these things and has some traditions growing up.

We have been working on getting the Fudgelet to eat more food. He has always been on the small side, and he likes food, but has some normal toddler finickiness. When I meal plan, or bookmark recipes for later, I try to keep him in mind, too. Are there parts of the meal he could eat? That he likes? Or something new for him to try? That part is fun…it’s less fun when he tosses the food on the floor, and then I have to clean it up after begging him to eat.

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Penne alla Vodka, Delancey Version

For this recipe, I can thank my friend Sarah who provided the book. Delancey is actually a restaurant near me, but I have yet to eat there. Back when I first heard about it, I wanted to go, but K wasn’t sure he would like it. Then, time got away from us, we ate other places, forgot about it a bit, and boom! Baby. Now, it would be tricky to eat there with a baby, especially with dinner time being a bit rushed. They don’t open until 5, which is around when the Fudgelet starts getting hangry. I wish they would be open for lunch! Alas, we will have to go for a date night. I also want to try their chocolate chip cookies since I have heard so much about them.


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No-Churn Ice Cream: Chocolate and Coffee Versions!

So, I finally got around to making no-churn ice cream. I haven’t had much time for making dessert recently, but we also haven’t needed much since we’re still getting through cake, toffee, cookies, and other treats. We really haven’t needed ice cream since we have had an endless cycle of: the grocery store gives me a coupon for ice cream, I use the coupon…they give me another coupon, we get more ice cream….blah blah blah. Buuuut, it was near the end of summer and we were already getting some dark, rainy days. I wanted to get my last summer feelings by making this. And yes, I am sharing this a couple weeks later, so maybe you’re not in the mood. But maybe you are? Maybe you miss summer? Or maybe you’re excited that you don’t need to touch a frozen ice cream churner bowl to make ice cream? That was exciting for me. I also liked that it is no-cook, so I could make it while the Fudgelet played, and it didn’t require constant monitoring.


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Chicken Pot Pie Galette

I made these two different ways. Well, really just one way. For the galettes, I split the dough in half and made two smaller ones that each fed two people. Then, I had doubled the recipe just to make more to freeze for later (super easy to do). I used the second batch of dough to make two more galettes. And then I had a problem…I had extra filling. So, I made a third batch of the dough and rolled it to make just a pot pie with it (single crust only). Just like with regular pot pies, K and I decided we are single crust folk. We loved the crust, don’t get me wrong, but the galettes were a bit more crust than we needed, and we wanted a bit more filling. You can decide what you want to do. The single crust pot pie was just as tasty, and a bit easier. You could still follow the same recipe below, just skip the forming galettes part, and just roll it as a single crust for a baking dish. I froze it and baked it from frozen. No issues, it just took a smidge longer.


Although the galettes are much prettier to look at.

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Topic-Changing Thursdays: Felt for Fall

Some people get upset with Pinterest-style crafts or activities, and some people praise them. Some people really don’t care at all. I feel like you do what you want to do. Occasionally, I have time (and interest) in being crafty. I’m not very good compared to friends of mine, but I do what I want, and that makes me happy. Currently, my crafting tends to be related to the Fudgelet, so hopefully it makes him happy. Last year, I had fun making him and his friends fancy pumpkins.


This year, I worked on a craft that he could play with.


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