Tips-y Tuesdays: A New Kind of Coating for Oven-Fried

Sometimes I come across recipes I follow almost verbatim, and want to share my experiences with them. Sometimes I play around with them, and decide that playing around is not great. That’s what happened with this recipe for oven-fried zucchini. We happened to have some egg whites I wanted to use up, as well as some zucchini. Unfortunately, I was in a bit of a rush making it, because I was also trying to keep the Fudgelet entertained. Unfortunately, the days of wearing him in my baby carrier for cooking don’t always work. He wants to be on the move and looking at everything, so I either have to cook while he’s napping, or find him a good spot to play.


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Moist White Layer Cake with Chocolate Chips and Coffee Frosting

After K commented on how many cookies I had been making recently (and he had a point), I decided to branch out. And not just make brownies (although I did that later), but make something special. Cake, it was! I didn’t want to make just any cake I’d made before, but rather wanted to try something new. Because I was making it for K, I wanted to do coffee frosting. My pictures might look a bit different for the frosting than when you do it. The recipe called for just dumping the instant coffee into the frosting, which is different than I’d done before. I tried it, and it was not a good idea. So, I’m including directions to match what I’ve done before.



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Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 4 Months Old!

Wow. Time flies! I was just posting about the baby turning three months. And now he is 4 months old. Well, once again, I am writing this a bit ahead, so I am projecting a couple weeks into the future, but it doesn’t matter that much. 🙂 After all, I still need to get you caught up from the last post! I never shared his two month or three month pictures, so I will do that here. You can also hear a bit about what he’s been doing, so continue reading if you’re interested!


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Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

I make lots of cookies. In fact, I have made tons of cookies in the last couple months. To the point that K commented on it. I apologized that I can’t make some of my fancier desserts anymore. Or at least at the moment. Or so I thought…but then I made a cake and all was right with my baking world again. 🙂 But, there is nothing wrong with cookies. I figure it helps to have a few dozen good cookie recipes by the time the Fudgelet reaches elementary school and bake sales are all the rage. I want to be that mom with the awesome desserts. The one the other moms are slightly jealous of, but only slightly because they realize I am definitely not the coolest mom. I am aiming for sweetest, I suppose. Even in school, I was never the coolest. Back in Maryland, many of my students thought I used to be a cheerleader. I made sure to tell them that I was far too into my studies to have had time to be popular. I was the orchestra/drama/math/writing/bookworm nerd. And I am quite proud of it!


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Topic-Changing Thursdays: Dear Fudgelet Part 1

This is a “part 1” because I am fairly certain I will want to write more later. But for now, this is the start of a letter to my son. My first-born (will I have a second-born?). The Fudgelet. The boy whose actual first name is quite long and meant that the cute Scrabble tiles at the knickknack store were out of the question…Here is a letter for you. You are still a few years out from reading this, and you might not feel like it, but if you ever do…


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Tips-y Tuesdays: Plenty of Pasta

My cultural background is quite varied. To the point that I am not entirely sure of all of the countries my relatives are from. But, if I had to isolate a specific cuisine that we had the most, it was probably Italian. So, it is easy to classify me as Italian, even though I am not even quite half Italian. My husband obviously identifies as Chinese, since he is 100% so. As a result, we have lots of pasta and Asian noodles in the house at all times. Sometimes, though, we run low on one or the other. Well, I am here to tell you that you can definitely swap one for the other, depending on the situation.


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Topic-Changing Thursdays: Making Food You Can Buy

Starting back at the last school where I taught, I was teased for making food you can easily buy at the store. Obviously you can buy cupcakes, brownies, etc., but those make sense for people to make. People see those treats as easy and homey. Besides, maybe you want a variety of cupcake you can’t find at the store. Maybe you like to add fillings to your cupcakes, or something. Anyway, there are definitely two groups: foods that people see as the type you might make at home and foods you buy. What do you include in the latter category? 


I made two things in the above picture. One I’ve mentioned on here before, and one I haven’t. Well, until now.

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