Fudgelet Adventures (part 23): Beginning Addition

As a former math teacher, I obviously have mixed feelings about doing math with my child. Does that surprise you? I am both excited to teach him things, but also worried about messing up his math future since beginning math is not my forte. As a result, I did some with him previously, but had been waiting until 1) he showed more interest in numbers and 2) I had done more research into good early math skills and strategies.

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Christmas Break

Hello, everyone who comes by here! I just wanted to post that I will be taking a little break on here. We have had a lot going on with good stuff (and not so good stuff) so I didn’t have time to make extra posts before our travel plans started. I hope to have at least one more post in 2019, but if not, I know I will be back in January. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Entenmann’s-Style Chocolate Covered Vanilla Doughnuts

When I was planning out the Chiplet’s second birthday party, I came across an idea for using Entenmann’s doughnuts as “spare tires” which I liked. I was planning on buying some, and then decided to try baking some. It ended up being pretty easy and is a dish you can make ahead since they freeze really well.

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Chiplet Adventures (part 5): Letter H week

We were quite busy for letter H week. As usual, we started with uppercase H but did other activities to include big brother Fudgelet, too.

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Beef and Cauliflower Stir-Fry

This recipe comes from eating a similar dish that my mother-in-law makes. I haven’t asked her for her recipe specifics, but had beef marinating and some cauliflower one night, so I decided to give it a go. Now, I will say that I have played with it a bit and make it different ways but this is the general idea. Sometimes I add chicken broth or at least a bit of chicken bouillon when I add the final bit of cornstarch at the end.

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Second Birthday Party Foods and Pictures

For the Chiplet’s birthday, there was no shortage of treats.

One of the best parts is that he could have all of the treats. The only thing he couldn’t eat was the popcorn just because he isn’t big enough yet for that, but everything else was fine.

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Tips-y Tuesdays: Frosting Edition

While preparing for the Chiplet’s birthday, I did lots of decorating and need to share two major takeaways.

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