Chiplet Adventures (part 21): Letters E and Z

Continuing the alphabet train here with two more letters: E and Z!

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Tips-y Tuesdays: Shortcuts in Cooking (Part 2)

I was looking back at some old posts and came across this one. It has been over 7.5 years since I wrote this, and my feelings have actually changed. Having kids now, I would have thought that the shortcuts would have expanded, but instead I choose to make things in steps rather than all at once.

Let’s start with the old shortcuts…

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Fudgelet and Chiplet Adventures (part 6): More Outside Fun

The weather has been pretty crazy here lately. We have had some great weather days, some hot and muggy days, some rainy days, and everything in between. But we have still managed to get outside most of the days, even if it is just for a bit. I have been trying to mix up our activities so that we aren’t always doing the same things outside. So, some days I ask the Chiplet first what he wants, and other times the Fudgelet. The first activity chosen usually dictates front yard or back yard, and then the other kid can pick from that location. Other days I have been planning small activities, maybe bringing out something we haven’t done for a bit, just to keep things interesting.

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Mixed-Bag Mondays: Sweet and Savory

I haven’t shared a hits and misses for awhile. And when I say “hits” I would say these are “okays” and “mehs” that I made in the winter. Let’s start with a meal that could be fine but it was a bit too salty for me.

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Topic-Changing Thursdays: Happy 8 Years to Me!

As often happens, my blogiversary snuck up on me and actually passed me this year. I didn’t even realize it had passed until two days after. So, here I am writing about my 8th year of blogging on here.

Things I am happy about:

First off, I am still posting on here! Two posts a week has been going fairly well. I’ve been doing a mix of recipe posts and life posts, which has been good for keeping momentum and also for mixing it up. Sometimes my brain is too tired to focus on writing up what I remember making but can handle remembering other stuff.

As far as goals, I want to continue with posting twice a week. I have no plans to increase that amount for the near future. As far as recipe goals, I want to see if I can continue making some more recipes from my cookbooks. I’ve been making a bunch of old recipes from the blog lately, so I don’t have as many new ones to share, but I figure it is okay to share modifications of old ones.


I definitely have been struggling lately with keeping up with new posts. I have just been a lot more tired than before, so the Chiplet’s naptime is often used for me to nap and relax instead of getting ahead on here. So, I’m hoping the laziness I feel will get better once he starts sleeping better.

Overall, thanks for coming by here and reading. I’m almost at 1000 posts and maybe if I can be on top of it, I can remember to post a celebratory recipe.


Almond Butter Pretzel Pie

I know it isn’t Pi Day yet, but consider this your Pi Day post since it is on a weekend this year.

I was excited to find a non-baked pie recipe I could make that is creamy but vegan. The original recipe called for peanut butter, but natural peanut butter, so it was easy to swap with almond butter.

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Chiplet Adventures (part 11): Review Week

I decided it was time to do some review with the Chiplet since we had done so many letters and he certainly knew some better than others. This was a chance for me to assess the progress. But it should be pointed out that he is never consistent with things. So, even if he seems to not know something one day, he might actually know it. Basically, he isn’t the type to “perform” by request. Your kid might be the same.

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