Chiplet Adventures (part 18): Letter V Week

We need to speed through these letter posts! I also need to doublecheck which ones I haven’t shared on here, yet. I might start doubling up if there are a bunch left. It’s hard since we went out of order. This week I have letter V to share. It was pretty simple since he now knows the word vehicles and already knew about volcanoes (benefits of having an older sibling).

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Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 2.5 Years Old!

Sometimes it seems like I shouldn’t bother with a half year update, but there are always so many changes during these early years. We even have lots of good news from this set of 6 months.

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Topic-Changing Thursdays: Happy 8 Years to Me!

As often happens, my blogiversary snuck up on me and actually passed me this year. I didn’t even realize it had passed until two days after. So, here I am writing about my 8th year of blogging on here.

Things I am happy about:

First off, I am still posting on here! Two posts a week has been going fairly well. I’ve been doing a mix of recipe posts and life posts, which has been good for keeping momentum and also for mixing it up. Sometimes my brain is too tired to focus on writing up what I remember making but can handle remembering other stuff.

As far as goals, I want to continue with posting twice a week. I have no plans to increase that amount for the near future. As far as recipe goals, I want to see if I can continue making some more recipes from my cookbooks. I’ve been making a bunch of old recipes from the blog lately, so I don’t have as many new ones to share, but I figure it is okay to share modifications of old ones.


I definitely have been struggling lately with keeping up with new posts. I have just been a lot more tired than before, so the Chiplet’s naptime is often used for me to nap and relax instead of getting ahead on here. So, I’m hoping the laziness I feel will get better once he starts sleeping better.

Overall, thanks for coming by here and reading. I’m almost at 1000 posts and maybe if I can be on top of it, I can remember to post a celebratory recipe.


Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 2 Years Old!

Can you believe it? My little baby is definitely a full-on toddler now. It’s still hard to think of him that way just because he seems so small next to his big brother, and it’s hard to believe that the Fudgelet is a big kid now. But, that’s how time goes.

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Topic-Changing Thursdays: Dear Fudgelet, Part 8

Dear Fudgelet,

I am writing this the night before your first day of Kindergarten, and let me tell you that I am so anxious. I explained to you how you can be happy and sad at the same time to help prevent confusion if I get teary at the bus stop. Other than when I was at the hospital to have the Chiplet, this will be the longest we have been apart. You started to get a little sad-voiced tonight telling me that “we will still see each other some, it will be okay” which tells me that you might miss us too but I hope I’m wrong.

What have we been doing to prepare? We picked out your clothes (with heavy input from me) and I packed your lunch while making dinner. We are sticking with sandwiches for now to make sure you have enough time to eat it (only 20 minutes from the time you enter the cafeteria!). I slipped a note into your lunchbag for you to read since my parents used to do that for me. You will also get the traditional first day of school chocolate chip cookies when you come home. I was thinking of using chalk to write a message on the sidewalk/driveway tomorrow, but it has been raining and is supposed to continue tomorrow, so we shall see.

I also made a checklist that I taped near the door for us to look at each day. I’m so worried we will forget your lunch/water/jacket/etc. Typical first kid in school worries, I guess.

Together you and I decided to make one of those chalkboard signs that so many people do for the first days of school. We opted to make one instead of using a premade one because we wanted to pick everything on it. You wanted favorite song, favorite hobbies, and favorite food along with future career.

I am excited to see how you like Kindergarten and am hoping that my worries won’t carry over to you.




Topic-Changing Thursdays: Crafts and Adventures with Fudgelet and Chiplet

Once we came back from Maryland, I realized two things both related to the Fudgelet starting school in less than a month. One, he would not be around as much soon, so it was a good time to throw in some more random activities with them. And two, soon it would just be me staring at the Chiplet all day, so I needed to get the rust off of my toddler crafts/activities. By practicing with the Fudgelet around to help demonstrate proper behavior (most of the time), the Chiplet could be eased into the activities. Below are some activities for both kids or just for the Fudgelet. Some were supposed to be for just the Chiplet, but I’ve learned that the Fudgelet always joins in. Always.

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Topic-Changing Thursdays: Maryland Summer 2019 (part 1)

This year we spent an extra amount of time in Maryland for the summer. There was a happy coincidence of my brother visiting with his family for a short bit followed by K’s cousin getting married, so we were able to stay for almost 3 weeks to bring the dates together. Basically, we had one week with seeing my brother’s family and other friends, then K went for almost a week to Portugal for the destination wedding while I took the kids with my dad and M to the beach, and then there was about a week after he got back when we let him get over jetlag while we said our final goodbyes to people for the summer.

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