Topic-Changing Thursdays: Flying with Two

We did it! We flew with two kids and made it. I wasn’t ready to celebrate until we had landed back home since the flight home is actually longer than the flight to Maryland.

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Fudgelet Adventures (part 16): Helping in the Kitchen

Let’s start with a brief reminder of why the Fudgelet is named the Fudgelet…

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Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 6 Months Old!

Halfway to becoming a toddler–wow! He has made some big jumps over this last month with his development. It’s so exciting to see. Keep reading if you want to hear more!

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Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 4 Months Old!

I can’t believe I just typed that title! Someone asked me at the store how old he was, and I had to say it then, too. He is getting so big and so aware of everything. We finally can drive places (if it isn’t nap time) and not just have him fall asleep. That might sound crazy, but since he does a decent job napping in his bed, we’d rather he stick to his routine and not have random car naps to throw off his groove. Of course, his awake times are still rather short, so if we go out, there is usually a car nap involved anyway. But, I try to save those for his shorter naps of the day so that we just keep him in his car seat for a bit after we come inside, and I usually have to wake him to eat at a certain time anyway.

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Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 3 Months Old!

I am writing this after a pleasant day with both the Fudgelet and the Chiplet. It has been a rough week. The Chiplet randomly went from doing awesome naps like clockwork to short naps and being cranky about it too. So much screaming and crying from the three of us. And then poor K got to come home each day when we were all exhausted and cranky. So, I don’t know if he just had a rough patch and today is back to normal, or if today was a gift and the “rough patch” is the new normal. Either way, with how fast time is flying, all of the baby sleep problems will be over before I know it.

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Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 2 Months Old!

I am writing this to you after having my first whole week alone with both boys while K is at work. The week started off a bit nerve-wracking (it’s only been an hour!?) to “oh, this is manageable,” and then back to “I’m tired and there is no nap time for me since the Fudgelet doesn’t get naps anymore zzzzz.” It has also been tricky since it is the middle of flu season and almost all of our friends are sick. Play places are also off limits since they carry so many germs. I’m not taking any risks until the Chiplet has at least had his first big set of shots. And even then, I will just make us hermits for this cold season. So not only am I counting down each day until K comes home and I get to have a mini break for a workout, but I also count each week until K is home to have another adult to talk to, and I am counting months until spring.

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Merry Christmas 2017!

I’m just writing a little post now and who knows, maybe after the Chiplet is here I will have time to update with some family pictures or something. In the meantime, I want to share that although it is the first Christmas I won’t be “home” in Maryland with family, I still get to be with family in our home. Hopefully next year we can once again travel to Maryland to see everyone for Christmas (and other visits, too) but for now, it is nice to have a cozy place to celebrate without hopping on an airplane. My dad and stepmother M will already be back in Maryland by now. My brother and family were visiting Maryland for Thanksgiving, and then my dad and M were coming after their visit to meet the Chiplet and see us. Then, with a little time in-between, K’s parents are coming around Christmas to stay with us for a bit, too. So, although we don’t get to see all of our family members, we still get some family time that I know the Fudgelet will love.

Because I knew Thanksgiving would be a hectic time for us, we planned an early Friendsgiving to celebrate. We also did some early Christmas decorating because I wanted the Fudgelet to be able to still celebrate. As I write this, we are not yet at this point, so I am only predicting. But, I am planning all of this to keep some normalcy in these exciting times.

I am happy to have been able to share another calendar year on this blog with everyone and hope you are also having time with family and friends.