Smores Cookies and Bonus Bars

We were leaving for a trip back to Maryland, and I was worried about not getting the most use out of the marshmallows I had made. So, I decided to use them in something. After I came across a recipe for cookies with a marshmallow filling, I decided to do my own spin. I used almost the same base as the recipe, but decided to add my marshmallows into the cookie itself. It turned out to be a terrific idea. I also later used the marshmallows in my chocolate chip cookie recipe but in bar form. Click in or scroll down for those pictures!



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Homemade Marshmallows without Corn Syrup

It was weird when I realized that I had not made marshmallows in a really long time, even though I had loved them! This recipe is a new one for me, and I had to make a few changes as I went to make it work. I think the corn syrup ones are easier to make, but if you want to go the non-corn syrup route, then here you go. I want to try making chocolate ones again, and I might try them with this method. Or maybe coffee ones…or mint…?



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Brown Butter Pecan Ice Cream

This is another episode in my love affair with pecans. Although, I did think that this recipe used a few too many pecans in the end product for my liking. This ice cream is so creamy, that you almost want to enjoy it without the crunchiness of the nuts. It is easy to add fewer pecans at the end, or to stick with the full 1/2 cup. I will leave it up to you.




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Mushroom Tart with Bonus Egg Tarts

If you ask K for his “Favorite Foods” List, he would tell you potato chips, eggs, pancakes, steak, and fries. So in his mind, I have only included one of those in this recipe. But, mushrooms definitely belong on that list for him. He loves it anytime I find a reason to throw in some mushrooms. I could probably find a way to add them to pancakes and he would be happy. Do you have a favorite food list that might not include certain foods that you secretly love? I am not sure what I would put on my list, especially if we are talking savory dishes. Probably chicken because I tend to be a woman of simple tastes.





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Pasta Milano

I was really excited to find another use for sun-dried tomatoes in this recipe. I might not use all of the steps with the milk and cheese next time, but just use the sun-dried tomatoes in chicken broth idea. It was so good!! It would make a perfect light sauce without all of the extra-ness in this recipe. Not that the extra-ness is bad. It’s not. But I am trying to think of you healthy eaters out there. So, the verdict is, you can leave out some of the not-so-good-for-you stuff and still have a yummy Italian meal.



You can add more cheese if you wish, but with the Spinach Hilda on the side, this was creamy enough for us.

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Oatmeal Candy Bars

We all have favorite dishes to make. I love cookies and bars. Whether it’s brownies, blondies, or oatmeal bars like the America’s Test Kitchen version or this one below…I’m happy making all of them. For cookies, there are so many variations as well. When I came across this recipe in my Dorie Greenspan cookbook, I realized it was similar to the other oatmeal bars I had made, but it was slightly different because it’s less chewy and more crunchy. Sometimes I want chewy bars, but this one is great for portion control. If you take a hunk of it, it takes you a while to eat it and by the end you (might) not want anymore. Maybe. Sort of.


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Congee aka Chinese Porridge

It seems like most Chinese people have their own version of this. So, if you are Chinese and grew up with something similar but not identical, rest assured that I am not telling you that yours is wrong. I might just be saying that this is my favorite and it makes my stomach happy. There is room for variation in this recipe, which makes it great for weekends when you have not gone grocery shopping yet. You can throw in different ingredients you already have and still have something delicious. There are two ways you can make this; one is with a rice cooker, and the other is fully on the stove. So, even if you do not have a rice cooker, you have no excuse!


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