Thai Curry with Shrimp, Pineapple, and Peanuts

This recipe is a bit dangerous, I should warn you. I have worked with serrano peppers before, so I know how they are. I used that one instead of a jalapeno because it is mild enough for the weak palates in my family. But, when I made the curry paste with the serrano and dried chiles…something was extra spicy! I must have washed my hands at least 10 times before the spice wore off them. I would recommend wearing gloves to be safe. A lesson for next time! Because, yes, we will make this again. The other fun parts for this recipe included the shrimp and the pineapple.




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Slow-Cooker Chicken Provencal

It seems that this week has turned into chicken week on the blog. First there was the Mango Glazed Chicken, then a Ricotta and Chicken dish. Today I bring you a slow-cooker recipe that works well any time of the year. I got a bit behind on writing recipes, or you could say I got a bit ahead on cooking food. Either way, this recipe was actually from Labor Day weekend. We decided to host a potluck, and since there would be a lot going on, I thought a slow-cooker recipe would be nice. This isn’t the simplest slow-cooker recipe–there are a few steps after the initial cooking time–but if that’s okay with you, then this is a tasty dish. Especially served on top of mashed potatoes. No pressure. Just saying. It was good. Super good.



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Chicken with Pasta, Roasted Peppers, and Ricotta

I had mentioned it on Twitter…it appears that I am in a savory mode currently. Part of it was having a cold with a sprained foot (not wanting to bake much), and part was having a backlog of desserts we still had to eat. Hopefully I will feel more like eating and making desserts again, soon! (Probably right after I post this–ha!) In the meantime, you get another chicken post. Unlike the grilled chicken on Monday, this is a pasta dish I made up. We had some leftover ingredients to use, and I threw them together. So, don’t worry if you don’t have tomatoes or mushrooms, and want to make some substitutions. But, you should make sure to keep something sweet like the peppers and tomatoes. Sooooo good.



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“Grilled” Chicken with a Mango Glaze

When I see grill recipes, I usually just ignore them because we don’t have a grill. I don’t know when we will get one, so I have to wait. But then Lisa came over and cooked some chicken for us with a technique in the oven close to grilling. We loved it, and I decided to try it myself with this recipe I came across. Now, of course, I had to be sick when I made it. Ugh. So the first time I ate it I had no idea what it tasted like because my nose was completely congested. I could taste the tender meat (buttermilk marinade overnight will do that), but that was it.



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Bailey’s and Chocolate Frosting Ice Cream

To be clear, you don’t need to have chocolate frosting in this ice cream, if you prefer your Bailey’s “straight”. You also don’t need the Bailey’s. You could leave it out and have vanilla ice cream with chocolate frosting. Both work.


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Chinese and Italian Chicken with Rice Noodles

It took a while to come up with that title. I mean, you guys know I like to mix cultures but this one was quite a bit unique. We had leftover rice noodles from when Lisa was over cooking Pad Thai (fresh from a cooking trip to Thailand) for us. I decided to treat them kind of like cooked spaghetti. So, I decided that browned butter, chicken, mushrooms, and the rice noodles could go well together, along with a bit of sage and soy sauce. Surprisingly, it came together in a nice homey dish.



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Strawberry Hand Pies

When I asked K for birthday treat ideas, he wasn’t sure, which is why I made this custard for him. Then, he decided something with puff pastry dough would be good. We had some to use up, and I had recently bought some chocolate puff pastry dough to try, so hand pies it was!


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