Green Mango Chutney

Because it is the first Friday post I’ve had in awhile, we’re keeping it simple. I’d never bought a mango before, so I thought (at first) that a green mango meant an unripe one. I didn’t realize there are different kinds of mangoes. So, you know, learning something new each day and all that. Luckily, I picked the right kind. I definitely did not cut it the fancy way you see some people do, but it was much easier to peel than I expected. The peel basically came right off as I started cutting, so I just worried about cutting the fruit into cubes. As you can see below, they weren’t perfectly cubed, but I was rushing a bit. I also ended up adding too much water (follow what I wrote, not necessarily the amount of water you see in the pictures!) in my rush, which meant I had to pour some out later. Oh well. It still ended up tasty! Basically, it’s like a sweet and tangy chutney because the mango is sweet, and the vinegar with the savory ingredients gives it a little bit of pucker. I’m not a mango fan normally, but I enjoyed this, especially with the rest of the dish.



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Arabic Bread

I can tell you that this bread is pretty simple because I made it while we were assembling the crib for our future little Fudgingahead. It was our final piece of nursery furniture, so we are relieved to be done! Now it’s just time to buy everything else–ha!


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Homemade Hummus

With today being a day off for many people, I wanted to keep today’s post short and sweet. Or, at least, short. It’s more savory than sweet. I knew making hummus should be fairly simple, but I had never made it before. K was really excited and wants us to make it again. If you can make guacamole, you can make hummus. The main thing was picking up chickpeas and tahini. Don’t forget that sometimes chickpeas are labeled garbanzo beans. For the tahini, it is a bit pricey, but you will use it again in another recipe later this week. Besides, if you like hummus, you can easily keep it in your pantry and use the tahini again and again.


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Topic-Changing Thursdays: Gardens and Gardening

Gardening was something I helped with growing up. I would be okay until I found my first worm of the year, or maybe just got a little too dirty. I’m still not a big fan of playing near worms or getting dirty, but I’ve improved a bit. Now, living in Seattle, the ickiest part is seeing slugs everywhere in spring. And all kinds. Bleck!


I manage to ignore them mostly, though, and I’ve planted a good bit since moving to our house last year (just over a year here, now!). The previous owner had a nice assortment of plants, which meant that we get to see flowering plants from spring through fall. Last year, I tried to keep things more simple because I wasn’t sure what plants were already in the yard. This year, I knew a bit more and decided to add more flowers.

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Buttermilk Pancakes

When you’re chatting on the phone, it’s sometimes tricky to document pictures for your blog. But, you know, it’s okay when it’s one of your closest friends. (Hi, Lisa!) I started making these, then realized I would be flipping pancakes for a while (and K was out running for his workout), so I decided to use the time in a better way. This means you don’t get to see the big pile of pancakes I made because by the time K was ready for breakfast, I was starving. Soooo…just pretend there are more pancakes pictured here….


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Learning to Cook for Three: Part 2

Continuing the series for K learning to cook more dishes, he decided to attack the honey sesame chicken recipe I have made a few times. The fun part is that he got it into his head that the recipe was for orange chicken.



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Topic-Changing Thursdays: Home Visits

As mentioned in other posts, we had a big East Coast visit. First we flew nonstop to Boston (I hardly slept on that flight) and then were there a few days. Next we took a bus to NYC for a couple days to see our friend Lisa and K’s family. Then we took another bus from NYC to Maryland to see the rest of K’s family and my family.

Our babymoon....

Our babymoon….


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