Happy 6 Years!

I am pleased to share that I am still here, after changing jobs to SAHM and having not one but two kids, and moving houses. Life is ever-changing but always ready for extra sweetness.

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Five Years as Fudging Ahead!

I wanted to take a little trip away from my usual chatter to remind myself that I have been writing on this blog for 5 years now. Today is the anniversary and it is amazing. It both feels like I have been doing this longer, and like it has gone quickly. The other day, I was making a soufflé and had to pull it up on my blog to follow the recipe. I couldn’t believe when I saw it was 4 years ago. It feels like I was just learning how to make some of these dishes, just starting to work on plating things a bit nicer, just writing them all down…and of course I am learning new things all of the time. Maybe that’s why it still feels new? As long as you are always doing more and extending yourself, can you really get bored or feel like it’s old?

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Topic-Changing Thursdays: Happy 3 Years!

No no, the Fudgelet did not spontaneously time travel and get much older. I’m talking about this blog! Apparently I missed my 3 year anniversary and didn’t realize it until two days later. This is what happens when you try to blog ahead, miss a week of working on the blog, and then check in to do some more posts. Sigh. Well…I must admit I forget the date each year and always have to look it up. For some reason, I keep thinking that my pie posts were at the start, and I knew I did them around Pi Day. Apparently I started a week early.

Not Anniversary Related, but this is a picture from the day :)

Not Anniversary Related, but this is a picture from the day 🙂

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My Favorite Fudgy Brownies

It has now been two years of posting on this blog. It’s a little hard to believe, but at the same time I have had many experiences along the way to make enough memories to fill the time. So, this will make my 324th post (my 323rd since this first one here). I actually forgot I was having a “blogiversary” until I saw Tortillas and Honey post hers! I started thinking about when mine was, and realized it was just a couple weeks away. Last year, I did a giveaway along with some goals for the year. I accomplished all of them except for the first one I listed. Not bad, considering it was puff pastry dough. Technically I’ve used the dough, and I’ve made croissants, but I would still like to make it from scratch. I haven’t felt up for super buttery things, so maybe that will have to wait.



I made these brownies so that I could make this favorite of mine, so there is no picture of the plain brownies cut up. You will have to take my word for it that they are amazing. Or, you know, you could make them yourself!


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Coffee Shortbread Cookies

Although I did not make these for our anniversary yesterday, I am posting them today in honor of it. Two years of marriage! I am definitely happy about that, and happy to be with him. You can make these for your special someone, or just eat them. They are really light and flaky, making them easy to nibble on. This recipe does not make a large batch, but you can easily double or triple it for a larger crowd.


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Sparkling (Wine) Blackberry Sorbet

Do you want a boozy summer treat? This is perfect for you, assuming you are of legal drinking age. Technically you boil off some of the alcohol, but there is still plenty left in the final product.

For my birthday, I received The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz and have been loving all of the ideas in it. I wanted to make something special for my and K’s one year wedding anniversary, so even though I posted the cheesecake, this is the real dessert I made for us. It needed to use blackberries since I had some that needed to get used up. I had my eyes on a few recipes, but once I saw that this one uses sparkling wine, I had to go with it!

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Bergers Cookie Cheesecake

I had to post a cake recipe today because it is a special day!

I am celebrating one year of marriage with my fabulous husband, K. We made it through some big changes this year (my move across the country, new job, getting used to our stuff mixed together, figuring out new routines). This made the start a little hard, but the year just kept getting better. I still miss my friends, family, and old coworkers from back home, but it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been able to make a life out on the West Coast. I didn’t realize how different marriage would be. I know it’s “to each their own”, but I am happy with our decision to wait until marriage to live together. Visits in the summer just can’t compare to the awesomeness that is having someone special at home who loves you forever, and has made the promise to stay with you no matter what. I feel like everything has fallen into place ok for us, and other than random snags (such as my house back home taking almost a year to sell!), we are content.

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