Tips-y Tuesdays: A New Kind of Coating for Oven-Fried

Sometimes I come across recipes I follow almost verbatim, and want to share my experiences with them. Sometimes I play around with them, and decide that playing around is not great. That’s what happened with this recipe for oven-fried zucchini. We happened to have some egg whites I wanted to use up, as well as some zucchini. Unfortunately, I was in a bit of a rush making it, because I was also trying to keep the Fudgelet entertained. Unfortunately, the days of wearing him in my baby carrier for cooking don’t always work. He wants to be on the move and looking at everything, so I either have to cook while he’s napping, or find him a good spot to play.


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Crisp, Fluffy Pizza Crust

I have lots of pizza recipes on here already. Most of them are pancrust style, because that is K’s favorite. Especially from Pizza Hut. So, we are always after a crust that mimics that style. This one is my new favorite. It is less involved than some recipes, but it produced a crust that had a crunch to it, while still being almost bread-like. K commented that it was less greasy than other recipes. I wasn’t sure if this was a bad thing, but apparently he liked it. You could always add more fat to the pan if you prefer a greasier crust, but we liked this.



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Cornflake Oven-Fried Chicken

This reminded me of my chip chicken. I’ve heard of using cornflakes before, but hadn’t tried it until now. Next time, I will add a bit of seasoning to the cornflakes because otherwise they can get a bit too breakfasty and not as savory. Feel free to spice this up and make it as hot as you like. We actually liked the leftovers a bit better than fresh. When I reheated the chicken, I warmed it in the oven and it helped make it extra crunchy. K wasn’t as crazy about the topping as the chip chicken, but we did like the brining. It really kept the chicken tender and tasty.


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Oatmeal Candy Bars

We all have favorite dishes to make. I love cookies and bars. Whether it’s brownies, blondies, or oatmeal bars like the America’s Test Kitchen version or this one below…I’m happy making all of them. For cookies, there are so many variations as well. When I came across this recipe in my Dorie Greenspan cookbook, I realized it was similar to the other oatmeal bars I had made, but it was slightly different because it’s less chewy and more crunchy. Sometimes I want chewy bars, but this one is great for portion control. If you take a hunk of it, it takes you a while to eat it and by the end you (might) not want anymore. Maybe. Sort of.


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Crunchy Roasted Tomatoes

Continuing from Monday’s post on glazed roasted carrots, this is another post from the same dinner party. Tomatoes are another yummy way to enjoy summer. For this recipe, you can use any style of tomatoes, but I recommend a medium to large-sized kind that will hold up better when roasting. They really shrink a bunch in the oven!

My mom used to throw tomatoes in when she was roasting main courses like chicken. I always liked how sweet they got, and this is such a simple recipe that comes from a book by Sonia Stevenson called “Roasting”. It is also quite forgiving because I kept forgetting I was cooking the bread crumbs over and over, and yet they still did ok!

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