Topic-Changing Thursdays: Nesting

Now, I should mention that this post is just 4 days away from the baby’s due date. Yeah. So there is the chance that the baby has already arrived and I am in full Mom Mode. Or, I could be feeling impatient. Or in labor. Who knows. Regardless, I scheduled this so that you would still have some Fudging Ahead words to read today. So, fingers are crossed! In fact, this post is part of today’s topic: nesting.


I am well-aware that life will be changing. Quite a bit. I won’t have any true idea how much until it happens, but I have some idea. So, one of the things I have been trying to do is get ahead of my chores, tasks, etc. Reading extra books, cooking extra meals, cleaning extra well, writing some extra posts. Yeah, lots of “extras”.

Two loads of laundry...and this isn't even all of his clothes! And his clothes are tiny!!

Two loads of laundry…and this isn’t even all of his clothes! And his clothes are tiny!!

One of the first tasks was sorting and washing the many baby gifts we received. Of course, I ended up doing this before the second baby shower, which meant I had to go back and do some more reorganizing, but I’m not complaining. 🙂

So many clothes!

So many clothes!


Yes, I totally sorted the clothes and items. One drawer was “newborn”, one is “0-3 months”, and one is “3 months”.



Then there are drawers for creams/etc.


I even reserved a drawer in the bathroom for his hooded towels.


You might recognize this picture from my header:


A former co-worker’s wife made this blanket for us. I think it is so sweet, and so pretty!


After I sorted out the baby things, I worked on getting some meals ready. For my birthday, I asked for a book that included freezer meals. Basically, you do lots of the prep work ahead of time and there are just a few basic steps left for when you actually want to eat the food. The recipes are simple and easy to follow, which means that K and I should be able to manage. My first round of making the meals was using three recipes, which make 3 packages each. Technically, each package should be at least 2 meals for us since we are just feeding ourselves. That means I made 18 meals! And it only took 1.5 hours! Not bad considering I was taking my time a bit because my legs and feet couldn’t take too much standing.


I will definitely share the recipes that turn out…down the road…once I make them post-baby. And again, any day now. Wow!


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