Learning to Cook for Three: Part 2

Continuing the series for K learning to cook more dishes, he decided to attack the honey sesame chicken recipe I have made a few times. The fun part is that he got it into his head that the recipe was for orange chicken.



He couldn’t figure out where the orange flavor was supposed to come from, so he ended up adding orange juice and orange marmalade. It was through this experience that I discovered I really don’t like orange marmalade. I’ve used it before, but I think it is too sweet for me no matter what. So, this dish definitely turned out to be on the sweet side. We had a laugh over the orange flavor, but really he did a great job with pan-frying the chicken. He got a nice coating that browned well.


K also got fancy and stir-fried some Asian veggies with garlic. They were really good and we finished them easily.




It was really nice to see how proud K was of this dish when he finished.




K's preferred tools for cooking: chopsticks!

K’s preferred tools for cooking: chopsticks!

No worries, I was doing dishes tonight. ;)

No worries, I was doing dishes tonight. 😉

Other than it being a bit sweet, which is really easy to fix for next time, it looked and tasted awesome. We talked a bit about how he could use the same basic concept to cook the chicken, but incorporate other flavors to mix it up. He could make it spicier, do it with more all-purpose seasoning instead of Asian, change the amounts a bit…it is a recipe he can fiddle with, which is why it was great for him to make it. This way he felt confident in the method and can feel free to experiment (he enjoys doing that with cooking).




Stay tuned for our next installment! I am not sure what we are making next, but at this rate it could be croissants!

4 thoughts on “Learning to Cook for Three: Part 2

  1. Oh Alyssa – I think you’ve got some serious competition in the kitchen! ; ) Your husband’s chicken looks delectable…that brown on it! Too bad about the marmalade but hey, sometimes knowing what you don’t like so much is just as important. I’m sure it was delicious with some rice and those greens. I want that for dinner.

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