Wayback Wednesdays: A few to share

Today I am sharing a few recipes that I remade recently.

I’ve been remaking my bread pudding recipes a bunch. I have mostly been leaving nuts out because I don’t always have them on hand. This time, though, I added in some strawberries for fun.

Unlike my last post when I shared recipes with too much effort, adding in a few strawberries was noticeable and delicious.

Here is a simple one I redid…a pan crust pizza recipe. I sauteed an onion and cooked some ground sausage, then put that on before I baked the pizza.

So yummy! And then I added basil on top, too.

Finally, one more to share to day is just one picture to share.

I’ve been remaking ribs a bunch of times and doing small iterations of my original post.

I have been doing the same spice mix the night before on the ribs, then putting the ribs in a slow-cooker for most of the day on low. Then, I put it on the grill for the last part of cooking with the glaze on it. It allows the ribs to be super tender but still pick up some of the grill flavor. Plus, I don’t have to monitor the grill for hours.

Easy and yummy!


Puff Pastry Breakfast Pizza

Here is a super easy breakfast recipe that you can certainly eat whenever you want. It is fast and used ingredients I already had on hand.

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Breakfast Pizza (Version 2)

After making breakfast pizza before, I didn’t make it again for awhile. Until now. I had been super happy with my latest pizza dough and I found a recipe to make breakfast pizza a different way. So, I decided to try to combine the two. I made the dough one night and then woke up in the middle of the night (thanks, Chiplet) to find out the power was out in the house. In fact, most of our region was without power from a wind storm. So, I was left with dough that I couldn’t cook since our generator was not quite strong enough to risk using the oven. So, I contacted the pizza dough recipe creator on Twitter and he actually gave me the idea to try grilling the pizza. It was dry and not too cold out so I decided to give it a go. And of course it started raining as soon as I started grilling. And then it was so dark out that I couldn’t quite tell what I was doing. So, the first pizza was just so-so. Then a few days later I made a second pizza with the remaining dough and it actually turned out much better with the oven, so maybe a regular pizza would be fine on the grill but not this version? Who knows. Either way, this one was great.

As for our power?

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Pizza Hut-Style Pan Crust Pizza

We might have found a winner. I have made it several times now and it has been a hit with all (well, 3 since Chiplet can’t do cheese) of us.

I’ve made good pizzas before but they are often super complicated and finicky.

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Thick-Crust Sicilian-Style Pizza

This is the first recipe I made post-Chiplet’s birth. I made it 4-5 days after he was born. The first two nights I was at the hospital, and the first night home a friend dropped off dinner. The next night we had leftovers that needed to get eaten (this recipe here) and then the next night we ate this. It was such a filling pizza that we ended up having it for dinner and lunch leftovers too.

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Mixed Bag Mondays: Doughy Issues

Working with dough can be very hit or miss for me. Sometimes I get great results, and most times I feel like I have failures. It’s hard to tell how much is me and how much is a fault of the recipes. Regardless, I keep looking for and trying new recipes because I hope to improve my own skills. I had never made grilled pizza before, although I have made scallion pancakes.

I need to pull out my old recipe for the pancakes, because, well, let’s start there…

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Breakfast Pizza

I’ve seen breakfast pizza many places and not done the way I would like it…I like my eggs on the more “done” side and not running all willy-nilly over my pizza. I also want to be able to make it quickly if it is for breakfast. Or really, quickly for any meal. Who wants to work all day on a simple pizza recipe? This recipe from America’s Test Kitchen was perfect! The dough is something you make ahead of time, and it has built in time that allows you to make it a bit early or a bit late. The actual topping part is also simple. The longest part is cooking the bacon.


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