Puff Pastry Breakfast Pizza

Here is a super easy breakfast recipe that you can certainly eat whenever you want. It is fast and used ingredients I already had on hand.

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Pesto Pasta

Summer means I am in the mood for fresh-tasting foods. My basil plant got kind of sad while I was gone (no water, lots of sun) so I had to buy some basil from the store to make this dish. One thing I did not have to buy was pine nuts, surprisingly. You can actually use other nuts instead of pine nuts, so I substituted some hazelnuts that had been sitting around (and I had the exact amount, too–talk about good luck!).

This is an easy throw-together dish, assuming you have the ingredients. For pesto, you can make different substitutions and just get different flavor profiles. I decided to stick with the basic basil for my greenery, but you could use other herbs or even something like spinach.

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