Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 11 Months Old!

So, in Chiplet news, there has been some great news and much progress! I am getting a little anxious trying to plan for his birthday. I’m trying to figure out what kind of party I will do since I want to do something…but it is tricky since many of our friends have a lot going on this time of year. So, we shall see…but let me update you on what he has been doing.

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Topic-Changing Thursdays: Dear Chiplet, Part 2

Dear Chiplet,

I finally feel comfortable writing to you about this. Back when you were newly 8 months old, I gave you some peanut butter. You had it before that and were fine, but this time it was either having had it for a few times or the fact that I gave you a bit more, but you had an allergic reaction. We took you to get tested a few days later. It was not fun…we waited for almost an hour before the doctor came in to explain the test, and then it was a short few minutes to see that you had a peanut allergy…and a dairy allergy! We still don’t know about tree nuts since they are waiting to test you for that, but we were quite distressed. It didn’t help that they immediately started explaining how to use an epi pen and throwing around “and then call 911” over and over without answering our questions about your allergies.

Finally they talked to us about what we could do moving forward. We ended up switching offices for various reasons, but in the meantime we weren’t allowed to give you a lot of different kinds of food. You wouldn’t believe all the places they hide milk/butter/etc. I started making bread for you and figuring out substitutions.

When a couple months had passed, we were able to do a baked milk challenge. I had to follow their recipe using a cake mix and lots of milk and milk powder. I’m sorry the cupcakes didn’t turn out so well. I promise I can make better cake than that, but I have never been good with box mixes. You and I were in a single room for 4.5 hours. You would get a bite (or more) of cupcake and then we would wait to see if there was a reaction. I kept you entertained in the Ergo baby carrier (where you also napped) and bouncing you on my lap. You wanted to wiggle all around but were fairly happy practicing your waving and babbling. Somehow we made it through and now you are able to have dairy baked into things, as long as it isn’t a major ingredient. In fact, we have to make sure you eat it so that you can build up a tolerance. I was so excited! For your birthday I plan on making a chocolate cake. Vanilla cake would be nice but most require too much dairy and I don’t want to do weird substitutions. I want you to have as normal a birthday cake as I can. You have already been loving the new foods you can eat, including egg scrambled with milk.

Even if you don’t outgrow your allergies, I hope you never feel like you are missing out. I have been so sad worrying about you and how you will feel, but then I realized that if this is how your life is, and if I find other special treats to make for you, then the treats you can’t have won’t seem upsetting to you. And besides, I still get to make you chocolate chip cookies which is very exciting to me. We’ll worry about things like ice cream and buttercream frosting later.

I’m also grateful you are growing up in a time when allergies are common enough that people respect them. Milk is tricky since most people think it is like lactose intolerance, which is completely different, but we can help train you and the Fudgelet to know what is okay for you. You have so many people looking out for you and crossing their fingers!

Love always,


Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 10 Months Old!

Let me start by saying I spent much of this last month feeling anxious about the Chiplet. I know every kid is different but it is hard not to compare the brothers, or even with the milestones you see online. But, thankfully, I am feeling a bit better about things and the Chiplet is exactly the same level of happy that he has been his whole life.

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Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 9 Months Old!

3/4 of the way to toddlerhood. Or to being a “taby” as Busy Toddler names it (toddler/baby). As usual, he keeps growing so quickly and changing so much. In fact, I need to edit something for last month. Apparently he has been clapping for awhile but we just thought he was doing a funny motion…but after seeing him do it each time we clap and looking at it, he basically is doing a vertical clap instead of a regular horizontal one.

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Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 4 Years Old!

I officially have an old toddler.

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Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 3 Months Old!

I am writing this after a pleasant day with both the Fudgelet and the Chiplet. It has been a rough week. The Chiplet randomly went from doing awesome naps like clockwork to short naps and being cranky about it too. So much screaming and crying from the three of us. And then poor K got to come home each day when we were all exhausted and cranky. So, I don’t know if he just had a rough patch and today is back to normal, or if today was a gift and the “rough patch” is the new normal. Either way, with how fast time is flying, all of the baby sleep problems will be over before I know it.

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Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 2 Months Old!

I am writing this to you after having my first whole week alone with both boys while K is at work. The week started off a bit nerve-wracking (it’s only been an hour!?) to “oh, this is manageable,” and then back to “I’m tired and there is no nap time for me since the Fudgelet doesn’t get naps anymore zzzzz.” It has also been tricky since it is the middle of flu season and almost all of our friends are sick. Play places are also off limits since they carry so many germs. I’m not taking any risks until the Chiplet has at least had his first big set of shots. And even then, I will just make us hermits for this cold season. So not only am I counting down each day until K comes home and I get to have a mini break for a workout, but I also count each week until K is home to have another adult to talk to, and I am counting months until spring.

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