Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 4 Years Old!

I officially have an old toddler.

What can he do now?

  1. He is reading ALL of the things. He reads books, shirts, labels, signs…anything written he tries to sound it out.
  2. He can write words and sentences, although he usually needs to see the words written first. He also isn’t as interested so it can be harder to get him to write. I have to catch him on an interested day.
  3. He still loves snuggling his stuffed animals, which he wanted me to share.
  4. He still is one of the slowest eaters I’ve ever seen. (Actually, I need to edit this and say that he has had a whole week of eating fast for EVERY meal. He went from only one fast meal once a week or so to this overnight change, so I hope it sticks.)
  5. He has watched some movies now, but it is hard to find things he likes because he doesn’t want ANY conflict in them. He gets scared and anxious if “they are being bad” in the movie.
  6. His emotions have gone back down a bit and aren’t quite so overwhelming (for everyone) but he is still a toddler. So, you know, there are occasional tantrums and whining.
  7. He can do even more at the playgrounds now, with lots of climbing…he can even do a big kid swing (a bit…he isn’t the best at maintaining the swing but he doesn’t just fall off!)

He recently saw his first movie in a movie theater, which very fittingly was The Lego Movie (the movie I was watching when labor started with him). He was scared and apparently yelled during a bunch of it that he didn’t like it (he doesn’t like seeing bad people or conflict in videos or books) but it was a special $1 movie day intended for young kids…K was with him and at the end the Fudgelet deemed it a good movie. *shrug*


Right now he is sitting next to me reading what I am writing about him. So surreal! Especially since I just finished writing about what his 8 month old brother can do…they learn so much in such a short time!

Over the last month, the Fudgelet has gotten so much more mature. He has gone back to having some more sweetness, but is becoming more independent and less of a toddler. My first baby is becoming a big kid!


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