Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 10 Months Old!

Let me start by saying I spent much of this last month feeling anxious about the Chiplet. I know every kid is different but it is hard not to compare the brothers, or even with the milestones you see online. But, thankfully, I am feeling a bit better about things and the Chiplet is exactly the same level of happy that he has been his whole life.

So, what was I worrying about? Well, he certainly makes lots of sounds…shrieks, squeaks, and all of the vowels. But, he hadn’t started with any consonants and the Fudgelet had started months prior. Soooo, I was anxious. I messaged with his doctor who teased me and said not to worry. I tried not to, but I definitely felt better once he started the week after we saw the doctor. He skipped the repetitive babbling and went straight to mixing all of the sounds. He still only does it at certain times (not all day long like the Fudgelet would do) but maybe it is okay to only have one super chatty kid, haha. He likes to talk when he is doing things on his own (like playing with a new toy, standing with a toy, eating new kinds of food, etc.). Sometimes I am trying to talk less because he seems to wait for quiet to express his opinion.

Speaking of standing, he could stand, but wasn’t doing it that much. Again, I had some concerns just because once the Fudgelet learned to pull up, he did it all the time. Well, I spoke too soon. He started pulling up so much, and I’ve had to take certain things away (like small chairs he can pull over). And within a day or so of this he learned he could pick up a toy and hold it while standing. And then less than a day later he learned he could drop those toys. Or drop food off of the high chair. But, he also learned to put toys back, like putting toys back in their bins and containers. It’s so cool to watch his brain think and progress.

He has turned into a snuggler. He likes to come up and rub his head against me (and the Fudgelet). Sometimes he does it while I wear him on my back. He loves being in the baby carrier for walks/etc. He will bounce up and down all excitedly, and then when he is sleepy he will start rubbing his head on my back and rubbing my arms with his hands.

As usual, I need to comment that time is moving quickly. We just started being a bit more scheduled since the Fudgelet started school and we now have places to be at specific times. It has made nap times a bit odd, so I am still trying to figure it out. Normally his naps have been pretty easy. I give him a snuggle, put him down, then walk away. He generally is asleep within 10-15 minutes. I’ve tried doing earlier naps for him but might try doing later ones and staying out with him for some of the school day.

He has been pointing a lot and might have started learning how to wiggle his fingers and touch his nose when we ask him, but he isn’t doing it all the time, so it’s hard to say for sure. He isn’t as good at sitting for books like the Fudgelet would do, but he loves having books while he eats lunch or dinner. So, I figure it works fine. He also figured out how to drive little toy cars on the ground which is cute to see. Normally he could do big cars but would just try to chew on small ones.

And he has 5 teeth poking out now!


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