Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 11 Months Old!

So, in Chiplet news, there has been some great news and much progress! I am getting a little anxious trying to plan for his birthday. I’m trying to figure out what kind of party I will do since I want to do something…but it is tricky since many of our friends have a lot going on this time of year. So, we shall see…but let me update you on what he has been doing.

Let’s start with the less awesome stuff…he is still a squirmy little bugger when it comes to most things. He hates getting changed (clothes or diapers), hates getting his teeth brushed or hair washed, hates sitting on your lap for an extended time, etc. He constantly wants to be on the go. He also has definite opinions. For example, if he wants the egg you just cooked (but it is cooling) and you try to offer him something else, he will cry and scream because he wants the egg. Sometimes he will stop and eat the bite you want him to, and other times he will seal his mouth and not open it until he gets the egg.

For the good news, he actually stood on his own! As in, not pulling up on anything, or holding on, just stood up! He was so surprised (as were we) and then he kept trying to do it again, although he wasn’t as successful. He does it every now and then so maybe by the next month he will be walking!

He is also chattering up a storm. And he will get super loud, too, making it almost impossible to talk if he decides to be vocal. So much for our worries that he wasn’t doing that yet! Along the same lines of communication, he waves his fingers hello and goodbye for people and objects. He was waving at all of the Halloween decorations when we put them up. It’s especially cute because he waves them backwards at himself and hasn’t quite learned to wave them the other direction.

We had been worried that he wasn’t standing as much as the Fudgelet did, but now he is following right in his brother’s footsteps with standing in the crib when he should be sleeping, pulling up on everything including us, and cruising around.

As for his personality, he is shy with new people but then will warm up and chatter away while laughing when they laugh. He is able to entertain himself pretty well and is great playing independently, but really loves playing with the Fudgelet. He looks for him when he doesn’t see him, especially when it is a preschool day. Sometimes he will sit for book reading now, which I think it partially because the Fudgelet will read to him a bunch and he likes that. He really likes flap books and books with babies in them. I think he is also a fan of pigs in the books. His favorite toys are those with wheels. He likes driving them around, but also loves balls. He will throw them and then chase them.

Next time I update you on him, he will be a whole year old! I haven’t decided on which cake yet, but I know it will be chocolate since those cakes are easiest for the dairy restrictions. For the frosting, probably a meringue frosting to limit the butter.


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