Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 3 Months Old!

I am writing this after a pleasant day with both the Fudgelet and the Chiplet. It has been a rough week. The Chiplet randomly went from doing awesome naps like clockwork to short naps and being cranky about it too. So much screaming and crying from the three of us. And then poor K got to come home each day when we were all exhausted and cranky. So, I don’t know if he just had a rough patch and today is back to normal, or if today was a gift and the “rough patch” is the new normal. Either way, with how fast time is flying, all of the baby sleep problems will be over before I know it.

What have we been up to since the last Chiplet update? Well, we have mostly been staying home. With colds/the flu/stomach bugs/etc. everywhere, we have been trying to stay healthy, especially since the Chiplet didn’t have any vaccines until just recently. Unfortunately, he has already had his first cold. The Fudgelet picked up a bad cold from somewhere and spread it to all of us. Thankfully the Chiplet never had it super bad, but it was still sad. The Fudgelet was so sick he actually did two naps the one day!

I have also had us home more since the Chiplet has been napping so well in his crib. We have plenty of toys and activities at home, so the Fudgelet and I have been doing different crafts, reading, and playing games while the Chiplet sleeps. When the Chiplet is awake, we can’t really go anywhere if we want him to get some playtime because he falls asleep in the car. But, the Fudgelet and Chiplet enjoy playing together.

(By the way, the Fudgelet picked their outfits and often picks out what the Chiplet wears to match him.)

The Chiplet “talks” to each of us and gives us this huge smile. It’s funny how everyone smiles differently. His smile is a slow one that gets super big and then goes away really quickly. He waits to smile until he sees something he likes. With the Fudgelet, he smiles all of the time, and did that even as a baby.

The Chiplet does seem really interested in our food, much more than the Fudgelet did as a baby, so I am hopeful that he will be a good eater when that day comes. I’ve already thought a bit about what foods I will start with this time since I have experience with feeding a baby now. I was always so worried about the Fudgelet choking or struggling with food, and now I am a little more relaxed so I might do a mix of purees with finger foods, or even just finger foods if he takes to it. It would make going out much easier!

We already have our first trip back to Maryland planned. It will be tricky since we need to do 2 seats and 2 seats (car seats have to be next to the window, and I obviously need to be next to the Chiplet for nursing on the plane). We’re hoping we can sit in front of/behind each other.

For new skills, the Chiplet is still rolling and has demonstrated some ability with rolling from his side to his belly now, besides just belly to back. He definitely smiles a bunch, loves making sounds and looking at himself in the mirror, likes reading books, can grab and hold toys, and can laugh but not in the giggly way the Fudgelet used to do. It’s more of a quick small laugh that is hard to capture on video. He is a happy baby, but in a relaxed versus silly way. Besides looking at himself, he also knows to look at the (phone) camera even if we don’t have it front-facing. He also likes video calls with people and will talk to them. But as a result, if you try to be subtle about filming him, he always notices and then just stares at the camera instead, haha.

And if you are admiring the panda printed bib/apron/quilt, they were all made for us by Midwestern Bite who used to have a website but is now more on Instagram.

He loves buzzing his lips, as you can see.

I do his pictures first thing in the morning after I eat breakfast so that he has some time to digest his breakfast first. This way he is at his highest energy and happiest mood.

The Chiplet and Fudgelet always do some pictures together.


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