Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 9 Months Old!

3/4 of the way to toddlerhood. Or to being a “taby” as Busy Toddler names it (toddler/baby). As usual, he keeps growing so quickly and changing so much. In fact, I need to edit something for last month. Apparently he has been clapping for awhile but we just thought he was doing a funny motion…but after seeing him do it each time we clap and looking at it, he basically is doing a vertical clap instead of a regular horizontal one.

Other updates in his skills/etc.?

  • He might be waving…it is inconsistent so I can’t say for sure.
  • He now has 4 teeth poked through his gums!
  • He is eating chunkier foods and really loves when I give him pieces of bread.
  • He has done some cruising (holding onto something to stand and walking) but still does more bear crawling to practice straight legs.
  • Bath time has not been great this month. He loved baths from newborn until now, so we’re not sure why the change but he gets especially cranky when we have to wash his face and head. We’ve even tried baths with the Fudgelet but he still isn’t a fan. Hopefully it switches again soon.
  • He is still a chatty and happy baby. He loves being around people.
  • He has ridden in shopping carts and eaten in various high chairs, and he LOVES it. Swings at the playgrounds are also fun.
  • He bounces up and down when he is excited or happy (while being held, sitting, or kneeling).
  • His naps are still decent. His sleep is definitely affected by his teething. Whenever a new tooth is coming he drools a lot and doesn’t sleep well but once it pops through he does better.
  • He and his brother still love playing together. Each morning they are excited to see each other, which is great to watch.


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