Friday Favorites 7

Here is another Friday Favorites installment! It has been awhile since the last one. I hope you still enjoy seeing these. Let me know if you would like other “favorites” added. Maybe I can start adding favorite foods I am eating, like these ice cream sandwiches K and I found at Trader Joe’s. Soooo yummy. But, back to the normal favorites…

Oh, in writing this post I realized something. I can never have enough freezer space. Seriously. We bought a new fridge last year to help with this problem, and yet I still am constantly running out of space. From wanting more room to put trays of food to freeze, the ability to keep my ice cream maker in the freezer at all times…yeah. Constantly out of space. Oh well. At least our bellies are happy. 😉

Friday Favorites-001


For today’s picture, I like this one because it shows such personality. The other fun part is many of his faces mimic mine, so it is funny to see my face looking back at me.


Friday Favorites-002

1. This savory dip sounds great for a party, or even for a weekend treat.

2. We are entering summer, which means lots of ice cream. The best part of this recipe (besides the taste) is that it is a no-churn recipe. That’s right, no fancy equipment required. I have yet to make one of these types, but I definitely want to. It would be handy on a day when I am in the food to have ice cream but forgot the freeze my churning bowl.

3. Here it is….your chocolate/peanut butter recipe for this week: a cookie recipe that is based on a recipe I’ve used before. I’m interested in how these would taste.

4. I have been looking for the ultimate onion dip that reminds me of the store-bought ones my parents would buy when they threw parties while I was little. They were so tasty! It also could replace the more recent store-bought one I found and loved…that was discontinued. Anyway, I haven’t made this dip yet, but I clearly have high hopes for it.

5. A life-changing broccoli recipe? It sounds like hyperbole, but I am intrigued. The only problem….K has never been a fan of roasted broccoli. He prefers it soft. Hmm.


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