Friday Favorites 37

I’m back with more recipes I have come across that I want to try. Maybe you might try them too! I just finished baking some of my graham cracker brownies and they smell good. I am hungry, but I will have to wait to try them until later. It also gave me a chance to re-try out an old favorite brownie recipe.

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Friday Favorites 36

Hello there! I am actually quite excited writing this. In just a few days, I will be seeing my dad and stepmother for the first time in 1.5 years! Now, we are obviously still a bit nervous with the numbers going up again. It seems like every time we start to tentatively plan anything for the future, after practicing so much caution, it just takes some careless people to ruin it for everyone. We are still crossing our fingers for the kid vaccines to be ready ASAP but in the meantime are all masking up and avoiding indoor places with the kids. Of course, school is starting soon, too, so we are preparing for it. As of now, it is supposed to be full-time, even though I would be okay with more remote learning at this point. It is also supposed to include lunch at school, but since my kids are super slow eaters, having the Fudgelet wait in line for food and then manage to finish it in the short time allotted…yeah, that will likely be saved for special occasions. So, just in case, I have been saving some lunch ideas to break up the sandwich game. We already made one this summer and he was a fan. I will have to share it on here soon. These other ones are on the “to try” list.

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Friday Favorites 35

Today I wanted to share some different favorites than what I have been. I have actually been using and reading lots of cookbooks and magazines recently and felt like sharing some favorites. Now, I obviously can’t vouch for all recipes in these sources, but you can certainly play around like I do, too. With cooking so many meals these days, I know some people prefer having a set list of recipes they make over and over again, but I prefer finding new ones. Even if the recipes are just variants of ones I already do, they still get me excited for a new set of meal plans.

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Friday Favorites 33

How has it been so many months since the last one of these? I guess I’ve been cooking my favorites instead of acquiring a list. The other funny thing is I’ve been more interested in savory dishes than desserts. But I will also admit that I’ve been making lots of old favorites over and over, or making slight changes to them instead.

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Friday Favorites 32

Today’s links are all recipes I have made versions of and I am still interested in these because of the reasons I list below.

The Fudgelet has grown in so many ways over this school year! Stay tuned for more about him next month when I write about his next birthday.

The Chiplet is really into snuggling his monkey stuffed animal. He gets to have him in his bed, and requests him other times, too.

  1. After seeing cashew butter/cream as a dairy replacement for lots of recipes, I need to get my hands on some cashews and make some recipes like this popsicle one.
  2. This recipe is not exactly new to me. My mother-in-law makes a version of this tomato and egg dish and we never quite match her quality. We don’t usually see it on Chinese restaurant menus but it is good and perfect at any meal of the day.
  3. Chocolate muffins are on my blog and I like the ones on here, but I am always interested in chocolate recipes, so I am interested in this other recipe for them.
  4. Again, this is another recipe that I have made a version of but I would like to try this seasoning combination for rotisserie-style chicken.
  5. Obviously I have made many chocolate cakes before, and this isn’t one specific recipe but a collection of ones I would like to try.

Friday Favorites 31

As I write this, I have no working oven. I had someone come yesterday…and all they did was damage the screws that held the oven into the wall. So then I had to have a different person tackle the screws so that tomorrow the first person can come back and hopefully repair the oven. Because I really do miss it. I’ve been terribly sick all week with a cold and am finally getting better, which means I am finally up to more cooking. Like cakes. I luckily had some cake because I made it shortly before my cold and I couldn’t taste anything so just saved it. But I am running low and I also want to use the oven for other things, like dinner. I have a stove, a microwave, and a toaster, so I am not entirely without appliances, but the oven is making me sad. Fingers crossed it gets repaired, otherwise I will have to wait much longer if it needs to get replaced. In the meantime, I am sharing some recipes I wish I could make.

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Friday Favorites 30

It has been a rough week plus here. I’m hoping by the time that this posts everything is back to normal. For now, though, I am still in the middle of it. We started the week with bad sleep, lots of bad behavior, and a fever that turned out to be nothing. Then the week ended with a virus for half of the family…did I mention this was with Easter? Sigh. And then just as that half of the family got better, another family member started with a different virus. Here I am worried and wondering when it will hit me. I mean, I can’t possibly dodge all of this, can I? I really hate seeing my boys sick and so sad. But let’s try to remember the happier moments with some pictures to transition back to our usual Friday Favorites content:

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