Montage Monday (Part 1)

I’m saying part 1, but that’s not because I have any current plans for a future post. I’m just allowing room, haha. Basically, I’ve been cooking up a storm this summer, but haven’t shared much of it. Sometimes because the recipes have been just so-so, sometimes because I am rushing and the pictures look terrible, and sometimes because I don’t feel I have anything to bring to the recipe (new steps, ingredients, changes, etc.). If it’s the last one, then it seems like you should just go to the original source. But, after flipping through some pictures, I realized you might like to see some of those to know which recipes to seek out, and maybe you can see some to avoid…or at least I can see some and decide to go back and play with them some more.


Oh, and this first picture? Just some flowers my lovely husband K bought for me. He knows me and my love of red/orange/yellow bouquets. My favorite flower motif.

Back to food….Let’s start with a hit, shall we?


A mini pot pie! This is actually not from someone else. It is already on the blog, which is why I didn’t share…basically, I had some leftover filling and pie crust with my last batch, so I decided to make two mini ones for a weekend lunch. K and I had them this summer and they were delicious!IMG_2414

Still in the savory set of things, there was this recipe for broccoli that was supposed to be mind-blowing. I shared it here.




It was ok. I made it on a day when K was at a rehearsal dinner for a wedding since he doesn’t tend to like roasted broccoli. I’m glad I did, since it wasn’t that great. It would not have changed his mind on roasted broccoli. I would have preferred it stir-fried with the same flavors.


Another recipe that had potential was from a new cookbook. I think it could still be good…I added lots of flavor to it, with some sauteed vegetables, bacon, and seasoning, but I think it still needs more. If I get a chance to rework it some more, I will share.


You can see it has a lot more going on than in the recipe’s picture. Oh well.


This recipe was quite yummy. It was pretty easy to make and the texture was interesting. It’s not on my “must make again NOW” list, but still something I enjoyed.

For Father’s Day, I did end up making these bars for K….


from the same woman who had a recipe for coconut chicken that I made…


The chicken was good, but probably not something I would bother with again. The bars were good and a fairly quick breakfast for K.


And then I made some ravioli….


with a sweet potato filling. I used a ravioli pin, which was a birthday present…


So cool…but I needed a bit more practice. Some turned out much better than others. As a result, they didn’t all stay sealed…



Oops. But! K still thought it was good. I told him to consider them deconstructed ravioli. 😉


This was me re-making a pita bread recipe on here. Both are baked, but one side got a little too much time under the broiler. I underbaked the others, which allowed me to rebake them as leftovers and they weren’t too brown.

For the same meal, I made some shredded chicken.


And just a tip…you might have heard this before, but using a stand mixer with the paddle attachment will shred (cooked) chicken for you. Easy, fast, and you don’t have to wait for the meat to cool.


Until the next montage…if there is one. 🙂



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