Friday Favorites 5

Today is one of the Fudgelet’s friends’ birthday, and it is also the Friday after my dad’s birthday, so let’s have some Friday love! And for my non-dessert fans out there, I have even included some savory links this time! Hehehe. To be honest, I think what happens with the savory recipes I find is that I end up actually making them and then (hopefully) share them in a blog post of their own. For desserts, I don’t make them as often, so I have more to share and crave. Soon, I have some slow cooker recipes I can share…eventually…when the Fudgelet has a consistent schedule…you know, when he is 18 and in college.

Friday Favorites-001

In case you missed this when I updated his 8 Month post



And if you have already watched that a gazillion times, here is another fun picture…



He has been sticking his tongue out a bunch lately. He used to do it, then stopped, and has been back at it again!



Friday Favorites-002

1. I really want to make this Chicken and Dumplings recipe because it looks so good, but I don’t have the time right now with bedtime routines/etc. Sigh. If you make it, send me some?

2. This red velvet cake looks simple (no fancy frosting required). I would leave out the food coloring because I don’t care how red my red velvet cake is, and it’s not like it affects the flavor. Aaaand I would probably leave out the nuts because I’m nutty, but not a big nut person. 😉 If you like nuts, though, I bet it would be good! Maybe I could just swap in big chocolate chunks–mmm, more chocolate!

3. I have donut pans I got for my birthday last year and still haven’t used them yet. Isn’t that sad? From the #fridgedrama to having a baby….I really need to since most of the baked donut recipes are so simple, and I’m pretty sure I could find some people to share them with so they wouldn’t go stale–haha. Anyway, this cake donut recipe looks good, especially with the easy glaze.

4. Pretty sure K would like a Kahlua pudding recipe, and the coconut milk option might be another bonus for him, too!

5. This meatball recipe looks fancy, but like something I could maybe make ahead for dinner one night. If you don’t live in a temperate climate like I do, I would recommend making it ASAP since warm weather is most likely upon you already.

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 5

  1. I’m also nutty but aren’t crazy about them! Except cashews and pecans and sometimes walnuts a la carte. Or walnuts in salads. Or candied nuts in salads. Okay, maybe I’m doubly nutty after all.

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