Friday Favorites 25

I haven’t shared any favorites for awhile, and it’s about time I do…to be honest, I’ve been a bit busy the last few months and haven’t had much internet browsing time. The only browsing has been to make some food for dinner that week, and that’s it. I will admit that I’ve been following lots of makeup videos and pages though, so that has stolen some of my time. I can’t help it; I am attracted to pretty things in all forms.

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Friday Favorites 24

I am writing this from my in-laws’ house. Being away from home generally means I have more time to do random internet browsing because I can’t/don’t need to do some of my regular activities I save for Fudgelet’s sleeping hours. Unfortunately, we have been here for four days now, and today was the first day he decided to nap. Ugh. I am hoping the napping trend will continue and that his jet lag gets better, but I should also add that it is 9:40 pm and he is still awake (he is usually asleep by now at home). The one saving grace on his sleep has been that he is still mostly sleeping through the night here, and since I am right next to him (his mattress is on the floor), I generally just have to hand him a stuffed animal or tuck him back in if he gets distressed, then return to bed. I’ve been waking and struggling to fall asleep myself this visit, so it’s not just him.

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Friday Favorites 21

It has been WAY too long since I did one of these posts. Almost 3 months! Ouch. I kept thinking I had some on the schedule, but apparently not. I’ve also been trying to keep up with all of the new recipes I’ve been making, but still falling behind on that, too. I just can’t get ahead, and I guess that’s okay. At least I have managed to keep blogging for over 2 years post baby. That makes me proud.

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Friday Favorites 20


As I type this, it is barely after 10 pm and I am exhausted. The Fudgelet has not slept well ALL WEEK. Naps have been so-so, so I have been trying to get some naps in when he sleeps, but it’s still not enough. It’s all of the bad stuff…he has gone to bed late, woken up a lot, and gets up early (bad for naps, and not enough total sleep for either of us). Ugh ugh. I hope we are moving on from this phase soon. Usually he gives me at least one decent night a week, but not a one. Maybe he is gearing up with a couple weeks of bad sleep followed by AMAZING sleep forever and ever and ever? A mom can dream. Anyway…excuse any sleep-deprived nonsense. Thanks for stopping by, as always 🙂

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Friday Favorites 17

We are coming up on an anniversary for the blog…year 4! 4 years of sharing recipes and rambles. I’ve been trying to plan something for it, but I really don’t know what to do. Maybe I will just throw some sprinkles in the air like confetti. I am proud that I’ve been able to continue even after having a kid. I wasn’t sure how posting would go, and I don’t post as frequently as I used to, but I am glad I still find time to cook new recipes and share them with you.

Goals for the coming year?

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Friday Favorites 13

I have gotten a bit behind lately. Behind with the blog. Behind with emails. Behind with social media. Behind with sleep….but, I have stayed current with many things I struggled with before…meal planning, a routine for me and the Fudgelet, chores (mostly), shopping (groceries and other necessities), following the news (hard when you don’t really watch tv). So, all in all, I feel ahead even if part of me always feels behind. I guess that’s how life works. Right now, I am writing this as I sit next to the Fudgelet eating lunch. He loves to throw his food everywhere and eat sooooo slowly. If I ignore him a bit, I find he eats better. Weird, but I am using it as a way of getting another blog post in, so yay!

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Friday Favorites 12

I am writing this one after a rough patch of sleep from the Fudgelet. He did not want to go to sleep last night, and he took a while to go down each time he woke up…including at 5 am where I didn’t get him back to sleep until 7 am. That was tiring. And then we slept in a bit as a result, which threw off our day. Then, I didn’t get him down for his nap until the middle of the afternoon. After much crying. And both of us getting hungry again. And me just being frustrated because he normally goes down much easier for sleep and each time has been a battle. Okay. /endrant as they say. At least he is finally asleep and I get a chance to do some blogging.


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