Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet’s Second Halloween


You might think that it is silly to talk about the Fudgelet’s second Halloween as if it is some amazing event. But, while his first Halloween was an adventure for all of us, introducing him to holidays as he is becoming more aware is so much more fun! As October started, I dragged my feet a bit with putting up Halloween decorations. I already had decorations, so it’s not like I was starting from scratch…I just wasn’t in the mood. But then, after going to the store to get a couple more small decorations, I talked with a mom who shared an idea that I stole and ran with.


Previously, I would decorate for the neighbors/kids trick-or-treating, etc. Now, I care more about my kid and having him enjoy the holiday. So, shouldn’t I place the decorations where he can see them and appreciate them? That made it so much easier to figure out where I wanted to put items and what to get. I put the window clings up on our sliding doors in the kitchen. He can reach them and play with them, but also just see them from his highchair. I also put a garland up on our fireplace mantel, some mini fake pumpkins scattered around, and a couple of bouncing spiders that I hung in the kitchen (again where he could reach them).


Each new decoration has been so exciting for him! He loves making the spiders bounce, removing and resticking the window clings, spotting the pumpkins…all of it. So much so, that even K has gotten on board with the decorating. He thinks we should have window clings for all of the holidays now, haha.




Something we did not do last year was make it to a pumpkin patch. Between naps, rainy days, and schedule conflicts with our friends, it just didn’t happen. K still got us some pumpkins from a work Halloween event, so that was nice. I even decorated one for the Fudgelet. This year, I seized a sunny warm day and went with another friend and her kid to a patch. The Fudgelet had fun checking out the different pumpkins, and I brought home a few for us.






Last year, we did dress him up for Halloween, but he wasn’t walking yet. This year, we wanted to pick something that was comfortable and cute. We searched online and in the stores and found a cute costume for him, but we wanted to try to match him. Why must (most) Halloween costumes for women be “sexy”? I don’t want to be the sexy-anything when I am taking my son trick-or-treating. That’s fine if some people want to do that, but I want more options for just normal costumes. ANYway, I managed to find hoodies that matched the theme for me and K to wear. Since K and the Fudgelet matched last year, we figured it was okay to do it again. I was the sidekick from a popular video game….


That’s right, Mario! The outfit fit surprisingly well, considering we ordered it online and weren’t sure…he is between sizes at the moment, so I was surprised this was only a little long. I was not surprised that the hat was too small. His head is so much bigger than the rest of him. It’s somewhere in the 4T size range, while the rest of him certainly isn’t. 😉


These pictures were taken the day before Halloween. I threw a little “Boo Breakfast” for some of our friends, and K’s work also did a Halloween event the same day. Unfortunately, he didn’t sleep well the night before and was a bit cranky…


He did nap after the party, though, and was much happier. For the actual day, we planned on having him go to a few of the neighbors’ houses, just to let him get the experience of walking around in his costume. But, it was a monsoon outside. With crazy wind. Now, other kids were out, so we instead had K and the Fudgelet put on their Mario costumes and hand out candy. We even let him stay up a little later than usual to get some extra rounds of kids. We gave out almost all of our candy, but he kept some around to do inventory.



Happy Halloween!


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