Happy Halloween on Thanksgiving!

I wanted to share some of our Halloween fun, even though it is already another holiday. Maybe I will share Thanksgiving stuff on Christmas, haha.

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Halloween in February? (Part 3)

I know, I’ve already done two Halloween posts, but I wanted to share one more with a simple recipe and a couple pictures I hadn’t shared yet.

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Halloween in February? (Part 2)

I know, it’s Valentine’s Day and I am here talking about Halloween. But you need to understand. I am writing this in October and even if I manage to do something cute or fun for Valentine’s Day, I am not going to be likely to have time to share Valentine’s activities until let’s say Flag Day (ha!). So, I am sharing this while I can and with the idea that some content on here is better than no content, even if it isn’t timely.

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Halloween in February?

What is this Halloween in February nonsense, you say? It’s called…I could delay this post and schedule it in October of this year but it seems so weird when these were all done pre-Chiplet and I want this October to be with ideas for a family with 2 kids and not just the Fudgelet. So, maybe you don’t have a need for a spider cake in February, but maybe you do? Maybe you can use the same idea to make a heart cake? Or something else fun?

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Topic-Changing Thursdays: Fudgelet’s 3rd Halloween

This year, we once again decided to get dressed as a family for Halloween. We had a few ideas brainstormed from last year, but changed our minds after seeing the Fudgelet in his new jacket.


Any ideas from this?

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Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet’s Second Halloween


You might think that it is silly to talk about the Fudgelet’s second Halloween as if it is some amazing event. But, while his first Halloween was an adventure for all of us, introducing him to holidays as he is becoming more aware is so much more fun! As October started, I dragged my feet a bit with putting up Halloween decorations. I already had decorations, so it’s not like I was starting from scratch…I just wasn’t in the mood. But then, after going to the store to get a couple more small decorations, I talked with a mom who shared an idea that I stole and ran with.


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Friday Favorites 14

Currently, I am working on a craft that I hope to have finished and written about before this post goes live. We shall see! I guess I could be working on it now, but my eyes are a bit too tired for using scissors. Summer left, and I’m still in shock that September has also flown by, and here we are mostly through October. Yeesh. Is this what getting old feels like? Everything is fast? I do find myself trying to appreciate holidays, seasons, and sunny days more with the Fudgelet. I want to make sure that he enjoys these things and has some traditions growing up.

We have been working on getting the Fudgelet to eat more food. He has always been on the small side, and he likes food, but has some normal toddler finickiness. When I meal plan, or bookmark recipes for later, I try to keep him in mind, too. Are there parts of the meal he could eat? That he likes? Or something new for him to try? That part is fun…it’s less fun when he tosses the food on the floor, and then I have to clean it up after begging him to eat.

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