Penne alla Vodka

Sometimes K gets in an Asian mood, and sometimes I get in an Italian mood. It’s always good when our moods interact in a positive way (he will often request Italian dishes and I might ask for one of his Chinese dishes). I have only ever had this dish once before, and it was at a restaurant. As Lidia (the author of the recipe) says in her book, it is more of an American-Italian recipe than the other way around. After having it at a restaurant and having it again homemade, I definitely prefer the homemade. You can better control how bad it is for you (and it is a bit bad). Next time I would like to try using milk instead of cream to see how it will go. It will make for a looser sauce initially, but you could cook it down. Or, you could heat the milk initially before adding it. If you have tried it before, or try it now, let me know!


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