Buttermilk (Belgian) Waffles

Are you married? Did you have fun picking out your wedding registry items? We started by enjoying it, but realized quickly that there weren’t many household items we didn’t already have. We both had separate homes before getting married (and mine didn’t sell for almost our entire first year of being married–fun times with a bad housing market!), which meant that we had many duplicate items, too. Not only do we currently have about 6 cookie/baking sheets, but 4 muffin pans (I plan on donating 2 of them), glasses for easily 25-30 people, and 2 KitchenAid mixers. Yep, two! One of the few items we did not already own was a waffle maker. I was holding out because waffles are one of those things you want to make and have with someone. You can certainly cut a recipe down and make just a few, and leftover waffles are great–simply freeze or eat later in the week. Reheating in a toaster oven or microwave (depending on if you are a crispy or soft fan) is easy! But, there is something to be said for making waffles for people. My dad always was the waffle maker in our house. I tend to be the waffle maker now, although K is usually in charge of cooking pancakes. I can do them, but he has better luck flipping them. At least waffles don’t require flipping!


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