Shrimp and Leek Risotto

Continuing the Italian trend I’ve been on over the last week, here is another yummy dish for you! It comes courtesy of my Lidia’s Italian-American Kitchen cookbook. Well, sort of. She has her own basic risotto recipe, but I like doing my own thing for it. Hers was a bit more involved than my normal risotto. I haven’t shared my risotto recipe on here yet, so below you will find my basic risotto, which is similar to the quinoa risotto I have shared before. I will include the shrimp and leek variation because it was particularly yummy, but you could easily add other ingredients instead. Chicken, mushrooms, vegetables like broccoli, and other ingredients could be swapped in for your flavor preferences. This was one of our Friday Lent meals, and I had a shrimp craving, so here you go!




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