Friday Favorites 6

I realized that chocolate and peanut butter was missing in my last Friday Favorites post, and I actually do not have one this week, either. But, I switched it up and have mostly savory recipes for you. And, only one has chocolate! What? I know. Scary when my taste buds get excited about things other than chocolate.

This week’s picture is a bit old…the Fudgelet happened to take a longer nap allowing me to blog a bit, so I am trying this whole “posting ahead” concept again. Anyway, he started pulling to standing not long after he started crawling, which means that he is getting everywhere. I used to be able to put things on top of the sofa, coffee table, etc., if I wanted to keep him away. Not anymore. We also have yet to get a babygate for the area between the family room and kitchen (as seen in the picture below) which means I’ve been using his toys and car seat to try to block him a bit. It worked for awhile, but he has figured out how to push on the table and car to crawl past. And then he tries to start pulling up on the kitchen chairs! Where he could fall on the hardwood floors! Ack! So scary. Not only do I have to keep both eyes on him now, but I also have to act as a cushion or pillow in case of falls. He is getting better about falling. Generally, he is falling right to his butt, so he can just sit down. Sometimes he isn’t paying attention, though, and then I never know which way he will fall.

In this picture, he has figured out that once balls are dropped into this hole, they don’t disappear forever. That’s right, Object Permanence Milestone! But, he hasn’t figured out that the balls fall down the legs, so he thinks they are hiding in there still. Hahaha. Almost there, Fudgelet. Almost.

Friday Favorites-001


Friday Favorites-002

1. Before the days of people cutting carbs, there were bread bowls. Not to say people don’t eat them now, because I totally want them, but some people seem scared off by bread. I like that you can use it for dips (and the part you pull out can be dipped in) or for soup. Add this to the list of breads I think I could make, and should try soon. Maybe for one of the parties we have planned?

2. Don’t get mad at me, but I might like the sound of this without the pepperoni. Pizza in little bites? Sounds yummy, and like another good party food! I feel like these could be made in mini muffin pans and served as appetizers. Fresh out of the oven…mmm.

3. Sometimes I get into chicken ruts, so this would be the perfect ticket to have some non-chicken protein. Steak and cheese with bread? Many good flavors in one bite.

4. For some reason, cinnamon or snickerdoodle recipes always make me think of my Dad. I was thinking he might like this with blueberries. What do you think, Dad? I might have cinnamoned him out, though. 😉

5. While this is not peanut butter and chocolate, it is another favorite pairing: mint and chocolate! This fudge sounds delicious, and would be perfect for K. He loves Andes mints and this flavor combo.

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