Creamy Farro

Welcome to Starch Week here at Fudging Ahead! Today I am giving an easy farro recipe that made my husband find it tasty! Unfortunately, I neglected to take any pictures of the final product with the chicken and mushrooms. Basically, I made this chicken recipe I love, but added some mushrooms and onions I sauteed. I added this at the end to reheat the chicken and blend it in with the farro. It worked really well, but you could easily add other food like beef, vegetables, etc. I would just recommend you cook them first and simply reheat them with the farro.


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Meatball Subs

Today is an easy, simple recipe because the holidays have begun and we are busy. This is actually a weeknight meal, assuming you work ahead a little. I love that I can make these meatballs and sauce in the morning, then finish them in about 20 minutes when I get home. While they were heating up, I prepared the bread and cheese. Easy peasy! Feel free to use your own meatball recipe, but mine were mighty tasty in this. This might have been the best meatball sub I ever had. Actually, no, not just might have been. It was the best. And it’s so easy that you might start having the best meatball subs all of the time!


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