Pizza Hut-Style Pan Crust Pizza

We might have found a winner. I have made it several times now and it has been a hit with all (well, 3 since Chiplet can’t do cheese) of us.

I’ve made good pizzas before but they are often super complicated and finicky.

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Ultimate Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Epic title? Maybe. Really good cookies? Yes. You might think I have too many chocolate chip cookie recipes on here. Really there were just two: my first fussy one and my second, less-fussy one. I still like both of those cookies. And the non-fussy one is pretty great for when you’re not rocking a scale. But, now that my dad’s place has a scale, and my in-laws’ place has a scale, most places I bake have one. So, I can do slightly fussy. Really it’s only slightly fussy because dumping flour in a bowl and weighing it is way (yay word play) easier than measuring each cup properly.


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