Malted Candy and Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is the time for cookies, I think. Clearly I am a fan of chocolate in my cookies, but I occasionally branch out to other flavors…as long as I still keep some chocolate in there, haha. Over the summer, I made a chocolate malt ice cream. I had to go and buy the malted milk powder, but I figured it was a chance to try something new, but still satisfy my chocolate craving. Well, it did the second, but not really the first. I couldn’t taste any of the malt flavor. The only malt flavor I really know is from the Whopper candies, and I don’t really like them that much. But, I think part of that is how sweet they are, and not necessarily the malt flavor. So, I wanted to try again.


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Millionaire Bars (Homemade Twix Bars)

You’re getting a post a day early, in preparation for the weekend. For those of you waiting to have treats until after Lent, well, I think this should be one of your first to have. When I made my list of goals for the coming year of blogging, I never realized that I would knock so many items off so quickly! This recipe handles the “Homemade Twix Bar” item. I might make another version of these, but these were very good! The bars satisfy both sweet and salty, which helps with you not needing as many…maybe?!


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