McDonald’s Strawberry Hand Pies

Now, I can’t say I’ve ever had the real McDonald’s pies. I think I might have tried the apple one before, but I definitely never tried the strawberry one. Anyway, when I asked K what he wanted for his birthday treat this year, he said…”something with puff pastry, strawberry pie? hmm maybe cheesecake or cream cheese, maybe the McDonald’s pies?” and I was reminded that I had seen a recipe for a copycat of the McDonald’s pies. It turned out that the recipe was for the apple turnovers, so I took inspiration from Bravetart to do my version.

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Apple Turnovers

During my Thanksgiving visit, I made an apple crumb pie for my dad, a second pie crust from the same dough, and I still had dough left! K had the brilliant idea for me to try and make apple turnovers. I had never made them before, but decided that it would not require much waste if they did not turn out. They ended up being amazing. I loved how puffy the dough got when baked.

This is a loose recipe because you may have more or less dough than I did. I ended up having too much filling, so I scaled it down a bit for you. We ate the remaining filling on the side with our turnovers because it was still tasty, even without the crust. You could also reserve the filling for the next day and make some more dough. If you want to go all out and make a bunch of turnovers, just scale accordingly.

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