Thanksgiving Turkey Breast and Stuffing

I’ve made turkey breast before, for the first time I made any turkey. I decided to look around for other ideas and found an all-in-one stuffing and turkey breast recipe that intrigued me since it frees up a dish in the oven.

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Brined Turkey Breast

For Thanksgiving (yes, I know I’m a little late here) I made my first turkey. Well, turkey breast. There were only three of us eating it, so a whole turkey seemed both silly and scary. Normally K and I go home to Maryland for Thanksgiving. This year, with the baby, going for Christmas seemed stressful enough. (And future Aly, you’re already there, so hopefully you’re not freaking out…yet…?) We talked about having a big dinner, but that also seemed stressful. Then, we realized that Melissa and her husband (with their toddler) also were not going home for Thanksgiving, and it would be fun to get together and combine forces. So, I teamed up with Melissa to have a Thanksgiving feast. We each contributed some food, and then ate with our husbands. (And you might wonder about the math, but her husband is vegetarian, so he did not eat the turkey!) It was nice to be able to have all of the normal dishes, but only have to make some of them!


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