Ravioli and Tomato Soup

It is getting warmer here, in general. Occasionally we still have rainy chilly days as spring gets its gears moving. We had one of those days recently, and this soup was perfect that day. It also happened to fall on one of my harder days of work (there is a student who is a bit challenging….), so it was nice to come home to comfort food. All we had to do was throw some ravioli in boiling water and put it in a bowl. We’re also filing this recipe away for a good freezer meal. It makes a bunch, and you could even store the soup separate from the ravioli and keep your options open for future meals.


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Fish Tacos

We really do like tacos in this house. We hadn’t had them for awhile, but I wasn’t in the mood for more chicken, or even for beef. I wanted shrimp, but since I’m supposed to limit them right now, I decided to go with a white fish I am allowed to have in moderation. Yay! It was something new for us, and it ended up as a light meal that was still filling. I made my usual tortillas, adding in some dill this time. We also did our usual sides and discovered that my mini food processor works super well for guacamole. In fact, K said that is the only way to make it from now on. For our salsa, we had some fresh pineapple on hand and decided to mix it up a bit. We combined chopped tomatoes, salt, pepper, dried chopped onion (you could use raw), cilantro, and chopped pineapple into my new favorite salsa. It was amazing! Sweet, which paired really well with the savory tacos. I also loved the guacamole with the salsa.


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Aloo Gobi

This week I will be showing a few new Indian meals I made recently. None of these are strictly traditional. For instance, today’s dish should include green peas, but I didn’t have any, so I did it without. If you have some, feel free to throw them in. I also added egg on top to add a protein.



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Meatballs with Marinara Sauce and Homemade Pasta

This post continues Italian Week with a more traditional spaghetti dish. After crossing homemade pasta off of my to-do list, I had made enough that I needed to do more than just toss it with some butter sauce. Instead, I whipped up some meatballs using gelatin like the America’s Test Kitchen recipe, but with my own twists.


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Spaghetti Frittata

So, funny story about the cookbook I used for this recipe. I had it on my Amazon wishlist for some reason. I think I either came across it in looking at a different Italian cookbook or someone had recommended it directly. Either way, I had wanted it, but when I put things on my wishlist, I usually let them sit there for a while until I am positive I must own them. Well, I was visiting Maryland and my dad had me go through some of my mom’s old cookbooks. I picked a few to take with me, and I was reading through them when I returned. Apparently this was one of them! I had no idea when I first took it! So, I can thank my mom for getting me something from my wishlist, years before I knew I wanted it.



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Baked Sole with Tomatoes, Onions, and Potatoes

Have you started the new year with resolutions to not bake as many desserts as you did during the holidays? This recipe is a good detox recipe. The breadcrumbs are super light, and it’s baked, so you get a moist bite of fish without a fatty coating weighing it down. The directions will be a bit different than what I did because I wanted to make some changes. When we had the leftovers, I re-cooked part of the dish and it was even better, so I will share those tips with you.



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Tomato, Egg, and Cheese Quiche

I think you could call this a tart instead…I don’t know the specific differences in the names, but I do know that I follow almost the same recipe for my quiche recipe, but there were some important changes for this. After reading about how awesome heirloom tomatoes are, I wanted to pick some up from the Farmers’ Market and enjoy them as a good summer dish. Seattle was late to summer, but it has been going steady for a couple months. All of a sudden, bam! It was fall. Cooler mornings, bringing out extra blankets, wearing socks and jackets, and wanting to turn on the heat but holding out because I know I can throw on another layer. Soon it will be back into the rainy season(s?) and I will be craving sunshine. At least I can look back at these pictures and remember how yummy the tomatoes were.

What meals get you excited about the fall and autumn seasons? I am trying to think ahead to produce knowing that I cannot rely on my local produce as much.  Colder weather makes me think of pot pies, roasted chicken, and soup!

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